Jeff Cheah

Mobile: +6012-3152778

Credential: PCC

Coaching Specialty: Coach Facilitation/ Training, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Team

Jeff Cheah

Mobile: +6012-3152778

Credential: PCC

Coaching Specialty: Coach Facilitation/ Training, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Team

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About the Coach

Jeff Cheah understands the challenges of managing & leading a group of people towards meeting targets & goals. It’s all about sharing the vision, communicating roles and responsibilities, create a people-oriented workplace culture and coaching people.
He believes that every Leader possesses skills, talent, ideas, faults and flaws. The Leader & Manager must have the courage & humility to unlearn & learn and seek to understand what makes people tick.
Jeff Cheah has been training, coaching and mentoring Leaders & Managers for the past 25 years to sharpen their leadership and communication skills. In his role as a Training Facilitator, he has lead groups of Managers towards practicing and implementing programs to develop their basic management skills which are essential to the success of Companies they managed.

Professional Experience
As an Executive Coach & a Vistage Chair/CEO Coach, he has made Leaders aware that a shift or change in their behavior can result in positive business outcomes.
He has also explored ideas and thoughts that Leaders can immediately put into action that can result in employees be more loyal and committed. He personally believes that every Leader needs a Coach and a Mentor to guide them thru the challenges. A leader with a will to learn and possess strong learning agility will be able to meet the challenges of managing in the 21st century

Jeff Cheah makes the most of his 35 years of Leadership, Management and Executive Coaching experience to help Leaders succeed. He started his career in NCR Corporation and IBM in Sales and Marketing positions and eventually started his own business in Software Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning & Financial/Treasury Solutions. Over the last 35 years, he has held various Senior Management positions including Sales Director, Senior Manager, General Manager, Director, Executive Director and Managing Director.
He is active member of Lions Club serving as District Leadership Trainer. As he found purpose and passion in Coaching, he committed time & served as President (2018-2020) of International Coaching Federation (ICF) Malaysia Chapter promoting coaching awareness and mentoring new Coaches.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Jeff Cheah graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (Penang) with a B.Sc (Hons) major in Mathematics.

 ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with over 800 coaching hours.
 Certified Master Performance Coach by JMC Mastery
 Certified Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
 Certified 360 Feedback System
 Thomas Int'l Accreditation Program - Certified Personal Profile Analysis (DISC)
 Harrisons Assessments Certification 2016
 Certified Trainer of NBO Group - Leadership & Communication Skills Program
 Accelerated Learning Starter Certificate
 Certified in Crucial Skills & Crucial Accountability by Vital Smarts
 Vistage Chair/CEO Coach
 Total no. of years in coaching: 8 years

I feel that my Coach & I have the right chemistry which makes the coaching relationship meaningful & enjoyable. I experienced open & direct communication and received candid feedback while maintaining confidentiality. My Coach often challenged me to consider alternative courses of actions - sometimes outside my comfort zone. My Coach helped me to reframe my situations - deepen my self-awareness & leverage on my strengths. My Coach also view my situations from a totally different perspective & share his experiences from coaching others with me.

Dato’ Mearia Hamzah, Bank Muamalat
Jan 2020

Written Articles

Successful Leaders are Great Coaches

I am a fan of Harvard Business Review (HBR). I am now a subscriber. They write great articles on Coaching & Leadership. I enjoy reading them.Since I was an ICF Certified Coach in 2012 and became an ICF accredited Coach soon after that, I've facilitated over a couple of hundred...

It’s A-J-A-R Advice-Judgement-Assumption-Rescue (A-J-A-R). So we DO NOT AJAR or in Bahasa Malaysia TEACH!

This morning at MCC Live, a monthly LIVE Event by MCC's across the globe organized by ICF Malaysia, we have to honor to host Pak Heru Yuwono Liem MCC, MP, MC from Indonesia, sharing the very important topic of COACHING MINDSET. One of the many takeaways that I had was the acronym AJA...

LISTENING without Prejudice

I was listening to a Spotify song when I came across this Album "Listening without Prejudice" which prompted me to write about our behaviors which can definitely create powerful conversations, gather more insights, learn better & grow fast. This will also create more collaboration, ensure better tolerance and foster world peace....


I was inspired to write this article when I came across this paragraph in Gary Burnison’s (CEO, Korn Ferry International) book entitled LEAD. “Real attention, paid to us in real time – one-to-one, eye-to-eye, genuine, present and singularly focused on another - has become an experience of such scarcity, that when...

Listen to what you don’t want to hear.

Listen to what you don’t want to hear. I extracted this from Korn Ferry’s CEO Gary Burnison latest book Leadership U ~ Accelerating Throigh the Crisis Curve. This is the story shared by Gary Burnison “Every time we have a discussion, there’s complete alignment - 100 percent buy-in.” It sounded...

3 Powerful Words to Live By – CURIOSITY, COMPASSION, COURAGE.

I came across this LinkedIn posts by Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey recently about a photo of explorers and adventurers. 3 Powerful Words - CURIOSITY, COMPASSION, COURAGE. Love those 3 words. Those are the 3 words I wish to live by on a daily basis. Whether I am having a 1-on-1 confidential coaching conversation...

Simple Steps to Building Relationships

When I posted my Social Selling Index (SSI) in our LinkedIn Mastermind group recently, my SSI was 71 out of 100 (pretty good!) and a few Master-minders noticed that my Build Relationships score is 25/25 and wanted me to share my wisdom. I don't know what I did or do...

Warmth or Competence?

  In her book, "Presence," Amy Cuddy says that people quickly answer two questions when they first meet you: Can I trust this person? Can I respect this person? Psychologists refer to these dimensions as warmth and competence, respectively, and ideally you want to be perceived as having both. Interestingly, Cuddy says that most people,...

The Coaching Mindset

How Can Leaders Become Coaches? Or at the very least, adopt a coaching-leadership style in their day to day conversations? First a quote from CS Lewis, Author & Poet Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. Yes, Leaders can be Coaches if they have a Coach Mindset. So what...

What I enjoy MOST about the work I do

On a really good day, when everything's going great, what do I enjoy MOST about the work I do? I very often use this at the beginning of a workshop to warm people up & get them connected  with each other. It will be done in groups of 5 so that everyone has...

What my Client Taught Me.

In my work as an Executive Coach, very often the coaching conversation went by in a fleeting moment. Since I was fully present and focus on listening to what the Coachee shared, very often I don't remember the questions I asked and the stories I shared. This morning, there was an opportunity...

The Leader As Coach – Trust & Rapport

How Can Leaders Become Coaches Or at the very least, adopt a coach-leadership style in their day to day conversations? Today, we'd explore the Trust & Rapport building. I have always maintained that Trust is the foundation of coaching. Without Trust, the client will hold back information. Without Trust, we'd...

The Leader As Coach

How Can Leaders Become Coaches?  Or at the very least, adopt a coaching-leadership style in their day to day conversations?In 2005, Daniel Goleman, psychologist & journalist, wrote in HBR article Leadership That Get Results suggesting that there are six essential leadership styles. COACHING is one of them and it was shown to have...

That’s Why I Do What I Do

Last week, I did a 2-hour an online Coaching Tools workshop for a group of Leaders and here are the feedback. What was the Speaker’s strengths? Interactive. In depth knowledge. Straight to the point. Clear presentation with examples. Knowledge and experience as a Coach. Simple and easy to understand. Making...

Let’s P-A-R-T-Y. The Power of Appreciation

A week ago, I came across a Newsletter called The Gratitude Journal. As it's one of my favorite subject, I thought I would check it out.  What a nice surprise. An article entitled "Gratitude is Vital to Managing Remote Teams. Here's Why" by Chester Elton caught my attention and I...

LISTEN & SILENT are spelled with the same letters! Have you ever wondered why?

Listening means allowing the pauses. Ask thoughtful questions and be comfortable with the silences that may follow. Don’t rush to fill the gaps. If the person doesn’t answer right away..wait. Don’t jump in to explain, soften the tone or suggest an answer. Let the person process. Your willingness to pause...

Be Safe, Be Supportive, Be Vulnerable

It's my 65th Birthday! I received tons of wishes from whatapps, LinkedIn & FB. No postcards or email wishes as yet. Thank you friends, partners, associates and to those I have not met, let's catch up for coffee when MCO is lifted and we are clear to meet. I would...

The Power of Presence

I was inspired to write this article when I came across this paragraph in Gary Burnison's (CEO, Korn Ferry International) book entitled LEAD.  "Real attention, paid to us in real time - one-to-one, eye-to-eye, genuine, present and singularly focused on another - has become  an experience of such scarcity, that...

What is Coaching?

This is Part 1 of The Leader As Coach series As an Executive Coach & a Learning Facilitator, I combined both skills to deliver Coaching For Leaders workshops for first time Managers to Senior Managers/HOD's. One experiential activity I have fun with is when I get the participants to pen...