Simon Yap

Mobile: +6012 200 9520

Credential: PCC

Coaching Specialty: Business, Coach Facilitation/ Training, Communications, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Performance, Team

Simon Yap

Mobile: +6012 200 9520

Credential: PCC

Coaching Specialty: Business, Coach Facilitation/ Training, Communications, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Performance, Team

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About the Coach

Simon is an ICF-credentialed coach (PCC) and clocked more than 1,500 coaching hours helping C-suite executives, department heads, managers and HiPo talent excel in their personal growth and professional development.

He is also a certified Facilitator, Trainer, Training Evaluator, and award-winning recipient of the Best Executive Coaching Provider at the HR Vendors of the Year 2019 Awards, organised by Human Resources Online Magazine Singapore.

Simon has more than 20 years of SME and MNC corporate experience in chemical trading, training consultancy, direct sales, pharmaceutical, and food service industries. Over these years, he has held various corporate roles from sales to business development, training consultancy, human resource management, and salesforce capability development.

Specializing in business-to-business (B2B) sales and leadership coaching did not happen by chance. Simon started leadership and sales coaching in 2005 when he joined Unilever Foodsolutions Asia, a global food service company.

Holding the sales capability development role in the SEA region, Simon worked closely with the Country Heads, Sales Directors and Sales Trainers on the leadership and salesforce development strategy and execution. Also, he trained, coached and mentored the Sales Managers and Trainers across the region in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines helping them think strategically as well as build a cohesive competitive team.

He is grateful that his vast corporate experience has helped many clients in food service, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), insurance brokerage, insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare providers, fitness, business services, industrial products, and government-linked companies, and non-profit organisations.

Coaching is Simon's passion. He loves what he does.

[Client Testimonial]:

"We were delighted to partner with Simon in the creation of the coaching program. He was able to bring his passion and expertise for coaching into our business and work alongside our Head of L&D to bring all the principles of coaching to help construct powerful frameworks and tools, giving us a sustainable, scalable solution to internal coaching certification." - Simon Flint, CEO of Evolution Wellness Holdings

"Simon is always down to earth and practical in his approach but he has real insight into what it takes to raise standards and connect this to business results." - Fergus Balfour, COO of UFS AAME clusters

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