Path to ICF ACC Credential

30 April 2021

Panel Discussion

Jean-Francois Jadin, Khim Lai Mun, Dr. Loay Damer & Nathalie Conraud Mollah

Friday, 30 April 2021

8:30pm to 10:00pm


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Session Description

If you aspire to attain your ICF ACC Credential in 2021, let’s make it come true. 

Coaches who have completed their 60 hours of ACTP or ACSTH ICF-accredited coach training but have not earned their ICF credential can register for Panel Discussion | the Path to ICF ACC Credential. ICF Malaysia credentialed coaches will share experiences and tips  around “How to Get Started on ICF ACC Credential” in this session. There will be an opportunity of live Q & A from participating coaches.  

The objective:
An experience sharing sessions from ICF-Credentialed Coaches to support  new coaches in their path to ICF ACC Credential 

Your Take-aways

  • Real values from the sharing and practical tips to help you make progress on your path to ICF ACC Credential.
  • An opportunity for Q and A and to get your questions answered.
  • Better preparation to meet the requirements of ICF Credential.
  • Clear your doubt, get the clarity and be motivated to take your action plan.  


Resource Development


About The Speaker(s)

Jean-Francois Jadin, PCC (Moderator)

Jean-Francois Jadin,Abstract Expressionism Artist, Integral Coach & Transformational Facilitator
After twenty five years of corporate life, Jean-Francois now focuses on unfoldment: his own and that of those that cross his path. As an integral coach and transformational facilitator, he holds a safe and sacred space for his clients to explore their being and, in so being, more fully tap their boundary less potential as well as address what may get in the way of a fuller aliveness.

As an abstract expressionist artist, paint and knife strokes ooze out of him and onto the canvas, baring his soul in the here and now, to his surprise and awe. Unfolding it is 💕.

Khim Lai Mun, ACC, MBA, PMP (Speaker)

Khim Lai Mun started coaching in 2015, and her focus is on Lean Transformation and Change Coaching. Helping leaders and individuals to navigate through the various types of change in life e.g. career change, performance change, organization change, cultural change, role change etc.

She coached leaders and employees from small to large scale organizations in multiple industries across Asia, helping them in transforming their organization culture to gain revenue growth, increasing the company competitiveness and the employee capabilities.

She has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Manchester; she is also a Certified Project Management Professional, an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and a Lean Six Sigma black belt holder.

Dr. Loay Damer, ACC (Speaker)

Dr. Loay Damer,  has more than 20 years of multinational corporate experience, which provided him a breadth of corporate knowledge as well as an extensive understanding of the corporate language. In addition to holding a Doctorate in Business Administration with an emphasis on Talent Management, and a Master in Business Administration in Knowledge Management, he is an ICF certified Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Certified NLP Communication Excellence. He ​​specializes in working with professional individuals who are ready to shift their A-game, as an international coach with corporate citizenship experience, he enables leaders and their teams to discover and identify what their personal and professional development requirements are to unlock their full potential, he achieves that by developing the “Coaching Space” for his clients to pause, reflect and explore new perspectives in a safe environment.

Loay is Jordanian and has been travelling and residing in different cities throughout my professional career life, married with 3 boys, he moved to Malaysia in Oct’17 and enjoying it since then. He fills Fosroc ASIA Regional Vice President position and responsible for operating business units in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China. He enjoys learning, traveling, sports, photography, golfing and spending time with his family in his free time.

Nathalie Conraud Mollah, PCC (Speaker)

Nathalie works with leaders and expatriates since 2013. Fun, energetic and truthful, she is a coach who get her clients results. She is driven by helping them uncover their best self and design an authentic and fulfilling transition.

Over 2 decades spent abroad have made her skilled in understanding the challenge in a life and career transition. She believes that cultural diversity is an add value to any team.
Her coaching style challenges individuals and teams on their perceptions and limiting beliefs through effective questioning and practical tools which helps remove barriers such as self-doubt, procrastination, lack of confidence, and in-turn, equips them with tailored methodologies that enable them to effect change both in and outside of work.

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