MCC Live – October 2022

26 October 2022

3 Lenses for Evaluating Your Coaching Impact

Jonathan Reitz MCC - ACTC and Karl Van Hoey - MCC – MP - ACTC

Wednesday, 26 October 2022

8:00pm - 9:45pm


Free for ICF Malaysia Members

USD15 for Non ICF Malaysia Members

Session Description

Coaching supervision is a new entry into the world and language that every coach must understand and apply to their practice.  But the hidden secret is that under the surface of a supervision relationship is the challenge to develop reflective skills about your coaching and who you are when you coach.  Donald Schon defines the opportunity like this:  “Reflective practice is the ability to reflect on one’s actions so as to engage in a process of continuous learning.”

In this webinar, two Master Certified Coaches will challenge ICF Malaysia to look beneath the action in their coaching and develop reflective skills for the purposes of continuous learning.  Jonathan Reitz and Karl Van Hoey will look through three specific lenses and reflect on who the coach is and the results each coaching engagement is producing.

You’ll not only learn strategies to evaluate the impact your coaching has, but also what’s going on beneath the surface and who you are when you’re coaching at the highest possible level!

Participants will understand and be able to apply three specific lenses to evaluate whether your coaching is making the impact you want. This is the gateway to being able to increase your revenue (and profit) from your coaching practice!

Once you look at your results, the conversation goes deeper into reflecting on what you’re doing consistently in coaching, plus what those actions mean and where they come from.  This is the foundation on which coaching supervision is built and where unique coaching results are rooted.

Your Take-aways

  1. Coaches will understand the role of the ICF Core Competencies in delivering consistent, high-quality results in coaching engagements. (Including when to focus on an Aha! Moment and when to put your attention in other places!)
  2. Coaches will learn to connect the ICF Core Competencies with outcome measurements that improve coaching impact.
  3. Coaches will discover the most predictable (and reliable) measure of coaching impact in organizations.


Core Competencies


About The Speaker(s)

Jonathan Reitz MCC - ACTC

Jonathan Reitz, MCC, ACTC is FLUXIFY’s Director for Training/CEO. Jonathan holds the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential in the International Coaching Federation.   He’s also the co-founder of the Team Coaching Global Alliance, and a top-rated speaker at the World Business and Executive Coaches Summit (WBECS).

He wrote Coaching Hacks:  Simple Strategies to Make Every Conversation More Effective.  Jonathan is a member of the faculty in the Weatherhead School of Management Coaching Program at Case Western Reserve University.  Jonathan Reitz lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Joy and daughter Julia.

Karl Van Hoey - MCC – MP - ACTC

Karl combines a very successful track record of +3500 hours of executive- and team coaching in a huge variety of industries worldwide, with a long and extensive experience in corporate HR leadership roles. For AXA, British American Tobacco, Ernst & Young and Sappi Fine Paper Europe.

Karl’s mission is to build radically human organizations. Strengthening the impact, strategy and mastery, of leaders, teams and coaches, is his way to bring that mission alive.

In 2014, he decided to become independent and in 2018 Karl joined as their coaching practice leader. In 2020, he co-founded The Teamcoaching Global Alliance (, providing top class training in the ICF Teamcoaching Competencies, that he helped develop as a subject matter expert within ICF. He has been Guest Professor for many years at EMS Business School Brussels and 3 years Visiting Professor at BSN Algeria. Teaching on Leadership, HR, Change and Coaching.

Besides his corporate and teaching agenda, Karl is also active as a MCC Mentor Coach and in that position he founded and manages a worldwide, very fast growing community of coaches ( seeking a ICF credential.

Karl has been a volunteer for the International Coaching Federation for many years. His main contributions:

-ICF Teamcoaching Community of Practice Leader 2014-2019.

-Subject Matter Expert in ICF Global Task Forces since 2018, on the development of new (team) coaching competencies, and on the training accreditation architecture.

-ICF Credentialed PCC Portfolio Assessor since 2020.

-Member of Global Professional Coaches Nominating Committee since 2020

He has also written two books: one on coaching through political dynamics and continuous change and one on the sustainable impact of coaching (only available in Dutch).

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