MCC Live June 2024

12 June 2024

Polarity Thinking: The Power of Exploring Polarities in Coaching Practice

Marco Buschman, MCC, CTPC, CPCC

Wednesday, 12 June 2024

8.00pm to 9.45pm


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Session Description

Understanding polarities is crucial in coaching, as it helps balance interdependent values like activity and rest, or autonomy and collaboration. Recognizing these dynamic pairs allows coaches to guide clients in leveraging strengths and mitigating downsides. For instance, I once coached a high-achieving executive who struggled to balance his demanding work schedule with his personal life. By using polarity thinking, we identified the strengths and fears of both his work dedication and his need for personal time. This approach led to improved well-being and sustained professional success.


In this session, we will explore the theory behind polarity thinking and engage in a practical exercise to apply this concept. You will learn to map a polarity relevant to your clients, identifying action steps and early warnings for maintaining balance. This hands-on experience will empower you to incorporate polarity thinking into your coaching, enhancing your ability to support clients in navigating complex challenges more effectively. Join me to deepen your coaching practice and foster holistic development for your clients.


By mastering polarity thinking, you can empower your clients to navigate their most challenging issues with greater skill and confidence, leading to improved outcomes in their personal and professional lives. 3 examples.


Balancing competing demands.

Help your clients manage interdependent values such as centralization vs. decentralization or control vs. empowerment. This approach fosters adaptability and resilience within their organizations, enabling them to harness the benefits of both sides of these polarities.


Enhancing decision-making.

Teach clients to adopt a both/and mindset, improving their decision-making skills. This allows them to consider multiple perspectives simultaneously, leading to more comprehensive and effective solutions. By moving beyond binary choices, clients can navigate complex situations more effectively.


Sustaining personal and professional growth.

Support clients in balancing personal attributes like humility and confidence or work-life balance. This helps them sustain personal growth and professional success over time, preventing burnout and enhancing overall well-being

Your Take-aways

Understanding the essence of polarity thinking

Coaches will learn the fundamental principles of polarity thinking, including the concept of interdependent pairs of values or perspectives that must be balanced rather than solved.


Practical approach to polarity thinking

Participants will be introduced to a practical tool called polarity mapping, which they can use in their coaching practice. This approach helps visualize the dynamics between polarities, identify action steps, and monitor early warning signs.


Insight into relevant personal polarities

Attendees will gain insight into a specific polarity relevant to their own lives. This self-awareness will not only enhance their personal growth but also provide a relatable example to use with clients, demonstrating the practical application of polarity thinking in real-life situations.


Core Competencies

Resource Development



About The Speaker(s)

Marco Buschman, MCC, CTPC, CPCC

Marco Buschman is an accredited master team and executive coach, internationally recognized leadership expert, facilitator, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author. He has supported thousands of leaders, managers, teams, and companies on strategic issues and personal development. Marco specializes in leadership, the power of connection, and creating High-Performance cultures that blend results and productivity with trust, respect, and appreciation of differences.


Known for his optimistic, decisive, empathetic, passionate, and inspirational style, Marco’s core values include unconditional compassion, brutal honesty, fierce courage, pure playfulness, active inclusion, and deep respect. These values shape his approach, leading to significant personal and team transformations.


With extensive intercultural experience, Marco has coached leaders from over 65 nationalities across various industries, including technology, energy, consulting, and manufacturing. He is the author of the best-selling book, “The Connection Quotient,” and has contributed to HR Future Magazine. Marco also serves as a guest lecturer at several Dutch educational institutions. His expertise encompasses Leadership, Executive & Business Coaching, High-Performance Teams, Organization Development, and Life Coaching.

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