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Website Advertising

Reach ICF Members and other current and prospective coaches by promoting your product or service on icfmalaysia.org, which offers a wealth of resources to new and seasoned coaches. Get noticed today!

Website AD Specs:

Website Size Option
(In pixels wide by tall)
1) 300 x 250 pixels
2) 180 x 150 pixels
Acceptable file typesGIF and JPEG
Max file size40 KB
Resolution72 DPI

Banner Pricing

(banner ad on hompage)

1 ) 300 x 250 pixels

DurationBanner AD Banner AD + Email blast
3 months
RM 800RM 1,000
6 months RM 1,200RM 1,400
12 months RM 2,000RM 2,200
Additional Month
(maximum 3 months)
RM 400RM 400

Sample banner size

2 ) 180 x 150 pixels

DurationBanner AD Banner AD + Email blast
3 months
RM 600RM 800
6 months RM 1,000RM 1,200
12 months RM 1,800RM 2,000
Additional Month
(maximum 3 months)
RM 300RM 300

Sample banner size

Terms & Conditions apply.

For more information, please contact:


Terms & Conditions

  1. Website Banner Newsletter Ads
    Advertisers of courses or paid events are required to offer a minimum discount of 15% to ICF Malaysia Chapter members who book through the website banner or newsletter ad. The same artwork used for the website banner ad will be inserted into the newsletter.
  2. Advertising Restrictions
    ICF Malaysia Chapter reserves the right to refuse advertisements based on possible impact on the ICF brand, conflict of interest, sensitivity of the message and relevance to the coaching profession.
    Coach training schools wishing to advertise must be ICF-Accredited or have an ICF-approved ACSTH or CCE offering.
    The following types of website advertisement are not permitted:
    ‧ Blind downloads (cloaking software in other downloads).
    ‧ Browser manipulation (altering customary settings so user cannot regain control).
    ‧ Keystroke tracking (monitoring a consumer’s keystrokes to obtain passwords, identification).
    ‧ Unclear origin of ads (hiding or obscuring the source of an ad, web page or email).
  3. Artwork
    Ad campaigns may be delayed if any required information is missing or if artwork is not properly formatted. All creative will be tested and approved by ICF Malaysia prior to an ad campaign’s start. Any element(s) not meeting specifications will be returned for revision.
    The artwork must adhere to any and all trademark and copyright laws.
  4. Newsletter Ad Insertion
    You can select the calendar month(s) for insertion of your newsletter ad during your campaign period.
    For a 3-month campaign period, you are entitled to 1 month’s insertions.
    For a 6-month campaign period, you are entitled to 2 months’ insertions.
    For a 12-month campaign period, you are entitled to 4 months’ insertions.
    There are 2 newsletter issues sent every month:
    1st issue: Monthly newsletter
    2nd issue: Reminder newsletter
    Ads will be inserted for the selected month(s).
    If you do not specify the month(s), the newsletter ad will be inserted during the first month of your campaign, and each subsequent 3 months depending on your campaign period.
    * Monthly and Reminder newsletter may be sent during different calendar months.
  5. Submission
    Artwork must be submitted to website@icfmalaysia.org within the deadline ie 10th of the month preceding the commencement of advertising.
  6. General Conditions
    Advertisement contracts are not final until an authorized signature has been received from the company or person advertising, and ICF Malaysia Chapter has reviewed and determined if appropriate space is available to meet a request.
    All advertising is subject to the ICF Malaysia Chapter Leadership Team’s approval and it reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation, or position commitment at any time, with or without notice to the advertiser or advertising agency, and whether or not such advertising was previously acknowledged, accepted, or published.
    Acceptance of the advertisement by ICF Malaysia Chapter shall in no way constitute endorsement or recommendation by ICF Malaysia Chapter for the contents of the advertisement or the product or service advertised.

Note: We cannot track clickthroughs for destination URLs provided.