Webinar with … Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC


How to Have the Guts to Create Breakthrough Moments

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Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC helps global organizations grow their leadership using coaching for accelerated results. She is considered an expert on the brain and emotional intelligence.

Session Title:

Coaching Through the Discomfort Zone: How to Have the Guts to Create Breakthrough Moments

Session Description:

Have you ever asked these questions?

  • What do I do when my client feels stuck but I’m not sure what to say?
  • I am told to be more present so I can hear what the client really needs, but I am not sure what I can do beyond what I’m already doing. What else can I do to be more present and listen more deeply?
  • Being direct with my clients often triggers their emotions. How can I be more comfortable with both direct communications and allowing the emotional reactions of my clients?

The purpose of the session is to give coaches a concrete way to spark amazing change. In this scenario, discomfort doesn’t mean “bad.” In fact, if you become good at creating the discomfort zone with challenging reflections and powerful questions, your coaching will result in more opportunities for profound new awareness.

Session Takeaways :

  1. Using recent brain research, learn how the process of “breakthrough” actually works in the brain and how you can best facilitate this process when coaching.
  2. Practice listening from the three major processing centers in your body so you know what questions to ask that will trigger the brain to formulate a new awareness.
  3. Explore practices to manage your discomfort in uncomfortable conversations.

Core Competencies:

  • Co-Creating the Relationship: Establishing Trust and Intimacy
  • Communicating Effectively: Active Listening,Coaching Presence,Powerful Questions, Direct Communications
  • Facilitating Learning and Results: Creating Awareness