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11 July 2015 Chapter Meeting

Up Close with … Daniel Russell


Core Competencies 1.875
Resource Development 0.625


There are a myriad of assessments available to coaches in the marketplace all making extreme claims of providing deep insights and client value. It’s difficult to know which tools truly live up to their claims. Further, with so many types of tools on the market in terms of psychometric assessments, 360 surveys, interviews, case studies, roles plays and simulations, it’s difficult to know which one (or ones) to choose to provide the most efficient and effective data. Finally, the cost of these tools vary widely but can be quite steep.

Dan will help us understand the landscape of assessment tools and provide practical insights into developing a high impact and cost effective assessment strategy to create self-awareness for our coachees.

Based on this foundation, he will also provide examples and tools to help coaches be more efficient and effective at turning assessment results into clear and compelling feedback reports for participants and management (including how to manage confidentiality of assessment data). Finally, he will show how assessment data can inform creating specific and tailored individual development plans to guide the coaching relationship.

Targeted Core Competencies:

1) Meeting ethical and professional guidelines: use and confidentiality of assessment data

7) Direct communication: communicating assessment results and feedback to coachees

8) Creating awareness: increasing coaches self-awareness of behaviours and their underlying personality, motives, values, and preferences

9) Designing actions: helps client explore opportunities to learn new behaviours

10) Planning and goal setting: sets up clear developmental plans, accountabilities, timelines, and ongoing feedback schedule