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9 May 2015 Chapter Meeting

Up Close with … Jean-Francois Jadin ACC


Core Competencies 1.15
Resource Development 1.15


In these turbulent, complex times, we can be really tough on ourselves. Our inner critic can easily thwart our natural spontaneity and ingenuity. The clarion call is for creativity and resilience to turn the tide. We can hear hope at the edges. The longing for meaning and freedom is in our hearts.

Returning to a life of joy, meaning, creativity and fulfillment is possible—and on the horizon.

In this session we will work to tame and dismantle the grip of the inner voices of our critic that rob us of our self-esteem and vigor. We will learn ways to free up this misdirected energy and use our imagination and inner resources towards manifesting a life worth living for our families, our communities, and ourselves.


To detect, discern and find liberty from our inner critic’s hold on us so that we are free to be whole, resourceful, alive, courageous and imaginative.


    • You will learn how to identify, observe, and understand the structures of the inner critic.
    • You will discover skillful means to encounter, work with, and free yourself from these structures.
    • Removing some of the hindrances to authenticity and transparency, you will free up energy to be more creative and real.