The Mental Game of Building a Coaching Practice

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To succeed commercially as a professional coach, there is so much that needs to be taken care of.

In addition to acquiring your coach training, you have to figure out how to set up and run a business that attracts enough of your ideal clients. Many coaches have never been in business for themselves, do not know how long the journey will be and face a host of doubts, rejections and pretty much constant levels of elevated anxiety. A coach’s ability to manage their thoughts, emotions, attention and expectations can make a huge difference in determining who gets discouraged and drops by the wayside and who stays on track and succeeds. In this video, Steve Mitten, MCC, CPCC will help you explore the necessary thoughts and feelings, and he also has a few tips.

Steve MittenSteve Mitten, MCC, CPCC, ICF Global Past President (2005), 2007 Canadian Coach of the Year, is an internationally recognized coach who enjoys doing transformational work with individuals, leaders, solopreneurs and business owners. He helps his client get clear, get a plan and enjoy far more success, meaning and happiness in their lives, careers and businesses. Steve is also an expert mentor on the marketing of coaching services. He is the author of Marketing Essentials for Coaches, a yogi and a longtime student of developmental and positive psychology, myth, neuroscience and the wisdom traditions. His website is

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