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11 February 2017 Chapter Meeting


Core Competencies 2.5
Resource Development


Alex Tan

Website: www.avidity.com.my
LinkedIn: https://my.linkedin.com/in/alextanavidity

Session Title:

The Emotional Part of Coaching

Session Description:

Have you ever wondered if it’s appropriate to talk about emotions in a coaching conversation? Or how do you manage not only your emotional clients but your own emotional bias during a coaching conversation. This session deals exactly with that, how does emotion or more aptly known as Emotional Intelligence (EI) plays a significant part in the realm of Coaching Practice.

Session Takeaways :

  1. The attendees will be able understand how EI or EQ plays a significant part in the Coaching Practice
  2. The attendees will be introduced to the EQi 2.0 psychometric profiling tool
  3. The session will allow attendees to discuss on case studies related to EI

Core Competencies :

  1. Core Competency 8 – Creating Awareness: The session explores and introduces strategies on how to create emotional awareness for the clients
  2. Core Competency 4 – Coaching Presence: The session explores how the coach’s EI plays a role in influencing the coaching session