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ICF Malaysia Coach Azman

Staff Retention by Chester Elton – Live Webinar Summary

Participated in a live conference by Chester Elton some weeks ago. Topic is about employee retention. Lots of amazing tips for employers.

He did a ground breaking research which involved a staggering 850,000 employees across many nations.  The study found that there are 23 MAIN MOTIVATORS FOR STAFF TO STAY ON THE JOB. And each staff has a different leading motivator.

A part of the stats was quite surprising to me and probably to many others as well.

Leading motivators for millennials are :

  • IMPACT 68%
  • LEARNING 65%
  • FAMILY 51%

The least motivating factors for them are :

  • AUTONOMY 18%
  • MONEY 10%

The most interesting and ground-breaking part of the study shows 2 EFFECTIVE METHODS deployed by companies with very low staff turnover :

  1. Very Frequent Employer-Employee Engagement
  2. Employers know the leading motivator for each staff

Chester and his associates have created a practical assessment method to figure out the main motivating factor for each staff. Successfully done on 15,000 employees of various industries.

Expect these 5 outstanding results when employers are highly engaged with their staff and know their leading motivators:

  1. Higher Quality Work
  2. Greater Output
  3. Higher Incomes
  4. Less Voluntary Attrition
  5. A 150% increase in happiness in their life.

For the same topic, watch related youtube video below. Peter Bregman interviewing Chester on his proven ideas and latest bestseller.


Get to know more about Chester and his School of Engagement.

This article is written by Azman Ab Rahman, ACC. He is a Coach, Trainer and Consultant servicing various industries.

Learn more about Azman at Linkedin or www.AZMAN.asia

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