Spend 10 Minutes a Day on These 5 Actions for Your Coaching Practice

Daily planning

Do you start your working day wondering what you should be doing? Are you wandering aimlessly through your work life? If you want to work on your coaching practice in a productive manner, then this article is for you.

When I first started my coaching business, I was at a loss for how I should be spending my days. I asked myself, “What should I be doing today to grow my coaching business?”

Being no stranger to owning a business, I used my previous experience to guide me in becoming a productive coaching business owner by thinking about what I’d done in the past to make sure I was on track with my business goals. I wanted a process that wouldn’t take much time but with actions that would be meaningful.

Here are five things you can do daily in less than 10 minutes that will keep you moving forward in your coaching practice.

1. Create a Productive Mood

(1 minute)

Turn on music. Music helps one become more productive because it influences mood, which in turn improves happiness. In other words, everything is better with music. If your practice is located in an office, then classical music may be in order. If your office is private and you can shut the door, you can select whatever style of music that makes you happy.

2. Revisit Your Goals

(2 minutes)

Keep your annual goals on a 3-by-5 note card or on your iPhone Notes app (or other similar app). Review them daily. You should be able to recite your annual goals if asked what they are. Can you do that? If not, you may need to list your goals and review them daily. Then, consult your list of tasks that will help you achieve your annual goals.

3. Create your Daily Call List

(2 minutes)

Who do you need to call today? You should be following up with at least five prospective clients daily to touch base with them and let them know you are thinking about them. You can use this call to ask if they have any ongoing challenges, to remind them that you have an event coming up, or to find out what is going with them. You can also call past clients to check in with them and possibly suggest starting a new coaching program with you.

4. Consult your Marketing Calendar

(2 minutes)

Look ahead to what needs to be done for upcoming marketing activities. Planning your marketing tactics ahead of time is an intelligent business practice. Time has a habit of sneaking up on us, so planning your monthly tasks and events will help you to stay on top of building your coaching practice.

5. Create Top 3 Priorities of the Day

(3 minutes)

The reason most people don’t get everything done in a day is because they are unrealistic with what they are reasonably capable of doing with the time they have available to them. What are the top three things that NEED to get done today? When you reviewed your goals, what were the activities that needed planning?

You can do these five things in 10 minutes each day to remain focused on the most important tasks that you need to complete daily, plus the things you should be keeping an eye on for the future. Building a coaching business is all about being intentional and focused on the key activities that will lead to success.

Suzanne Muusers headshotSuzanne Muusers is a Financial Advisor Coach and a Business Plan consultant for independent financial advisors. Suzanne helps her clients grow their income, expand their skills and rebrand their careers. Suzanne is passionate about the coaching industry and how it changes lives. Follow Suzanne on Twitter @prosperouscoach.

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