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1. Review the Speaker Submissions Guidelines (click on link for document)

2. Review the ICF Ethics & Regulations (click on link for document)

3. Review the ICF Core Competencies (click on link for document)


Session titles and descriptions are posted on the ICF Malaysia website.  They are used for marketing communications so that attendees know what to expect from your session.  Your presentation delivery should remain consistent with what you submit below.  This information will assess appropriateness for our members and help us properly promote your event.

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We want this to be a mutually beneficial opportunity. It is acceptable to make an offer for services or programs at the end of the presentation ONLY.  For in-person chapter meeting, please let us know if you would like a table set up at the back of the room for any books, literature, etc., that you would like to put out (including items you have for sale).  Many presenters offer a free gift drawing in exchange for business cards (though please mention when collecting them if you’ll be putting them on your mailing list).
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