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Webinar May 2019

ICF Malaysia Webinar Coach Annie Gelfand

Webinar Topic


Speaker : Annie Gelfand, MCC

Date : Thursday, May 16, 2019

Time : 9.00am – 12.30am ( +8 GMT, Kuala Lumpur )

Fee : Free for ICF Malaysia Members. Non-Members RM45 per person.

Platform : Zoom Conference ( Get it free at www.zoom.us )

About This Webinar

The issue of refunds may not come up very often. Yet when it does, sometimes even a seasoned coach can be like a deer in headlights, even if the parameters are specified in the coaching agreement. The need to be transparent is paramount and can sometimes slip through the cracks if we are not diligent which will quickly erode trust. Trust is foundational to client transformation.

The purpose of this webinar is to encourage participants to consider areas around designing the coaching agreement that might get them into hot water. This will be an interactive presentation, Q & A is encouraged – not from a place of presenter having answers but perhaps additional insights participants may not have previously considered.

Your Take-away

From this webinar, Coaches will have a better understanding of what kinds of discussions to include in their initial agreement and design with clients.

ICF Core Competencies

Core Competencies covered:

  • Ethics – exploring areas related to client agreements that might  be considered unethical
  • Establishing the coaching agreement – clear outline of coach and client of everything one might consider important for client to know
  • Direct Communication – how to be clear so that all expectations have been aired and addressed


Core Competencies 1.5
Resource Development 0.0

About Annie

Annie Gelfand, MBA, CPCC, MCC, has been coaching individuals, teams, and relationships to make a radical change since 1997 and has been in business for over three decades.

Founder of her company, Radical Wisdom, she holds a Master of Business Administration Degree, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, trained in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching and Team Coaching, and trained as an ICF PCC and MCC Assessor.

Annie is also the host of the Essence of Mastery Summit. After learning of the daunting failure rate for the ICF MCC exam in 2009 (it was 93%, by the way), she set about exploring what would help MCC applicants successfully pass the exam. She discovered that mastery is not a destination but a way of BEING. She was enormously proud of herself when she achieved that elusive MCC credential. And three of four coaches from a group she led, went on to apply for and PASS their MCC exam! The difference from PCC to MCC was monumental. It grew her personally, professionally and her effectiveness as a coach was not even in the same universe.

Today, the Essence of Mastery Summit is celebrating its third year offering powerful discussions that explore masterful coaching. The mission of the Summit is to set and raise the bar for what it really takes to become a masterful coach and inspire coaches to lead by example as representatives of an incredible profession.

A pioneer in every area of her life, she was the first to introduce strategic marketing into a Canadian teaching hospital. She has a diverse range of life experience, which includes a 15-year career in the corporate world, being a reflexology instructor, certified holistic practitioner and living in rural India for 7 years while studying under a meditation and yoga master.

Annie’s clients are professional coaches who are driven to step up their coaching mastery skills in service of being the most potent change catalysts possible for their clients.

When she is not assisting clients in creating radical change, she can usually be found exploring the woods, frolicking in the water, or knee-deep in some creation with paint, words, or food. Her next favourite past-time is laughing with her husband at the antics of their two Maine Coon cats.

You can reach Annie through her web site  https://radicalwisdom.com

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/anniegelfand

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