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8 April 2017 Chapter Meeting


Core Competencies 2.5
Resource Development


Thomas Chen, an executive coach based in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore understands what it is like to be at the top. As the former Chief General Manager of Gulf Bank, and COO of RHB bank, he capitalizes on his C Suite experiences to coach Senior Management from various industries to make a profound difference.
His ontological coaching approach is holistic and effective to help his clients discover all that is within themselves and open their view to new ideas and possibilities. It taps deeply into their inner awareness and help them develop new ways of seeing situations. This is extremely important as Tom believes that Leaders not only change their behaviour, they create the mindset needed to sustain that change and Executive coaching helps transform Leaders, enabling them to produce and accelerate positive business outcomes.
He is also a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (based on Brenee Brown’s Research)

Session Title:


Session Description:

Myths of Vulnerability – The biggest myth is that Vulnerability is weakness…actually it’s the biggest sign of courage. Based on Brene Brown research of 12 years and 13000 interviews, she defines Vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. She did not find a single incident/story of courage that is not completely underpinned by Vulnerability. It’s showing up, be seen with no guarantees.

Session Takeaways :

  • They will learn about vulnerability
  • They will learn about the 4 myths of vulnerability
  • They will integrate this learning into their coaching by looking at the coachee’s actions through the lens of vulnerability
  • They will be a better and authentic coach and person

Core Competencies :

#3 establising trust and intimacy with the client
#4 coaching presence
#5 actual listening
#6 powerful questions
#7 direct communication
#8 creating awareness