ICF Malaysia International Coaching & Leadership Summit Speakers

The ICF Malaysia presents the 2017 International Coaching & Leadership Summit Wednesday, 8 November.
Better Leadership with Coaching Culture!

The International Coach Federation’s (ICF) local registered ICF Malaysia Charter Chapter is in her 12th year. We are proud to present the 3rd biennial Conference this November 8th, bringing together coaches, business leaders, human resource professionals, and all parties interested in leadership development across Asia Pacific as well as from other continents.

The conference theme is: Engage | Empower I Thrive

We are most grateful to have such a diverse and passionate group of speakers, to contribute a  transformational learning-experience with interactive content and actionable take-aways for our participants.

Vikki Brock, Ph.D., MCC
In 1994 Vikki G. Brock saw the need for coaches to assist people as companies transitioned to a more participative leadership style. In 1995, she left her 21-year career at The Boeing Company to start VB Coaching & Consulting with the mission of providing premier coaching services to leadership.

Dr. Brock specializes in bringing a coach approach to leadership into business and industry. Her clients are high performance and high potential leaders and organizations undergoing transformation. Vikki defines coaching as ‘raising awareness, so people are at conscious choice’. Since 2005, Vikki’s practice has expanded beyond North America to every continent. Committed to transformation at a global level, one-third of her clients are international leaders committed to making a difference in their country.

Her impressive credentials include an Executive MBA, a Ph.D. in Coaching and Human Development, International Coach Federation (ICF) Master Coach Certification since 1998, and being a genuinely caring, creative human being. Throughout her university teaching, writing, international speaking, and coaching, Vikki emphasizes collaboration and inclusion.

Examples of Vikki’s creativity include Active Legacy®, a coaching program she developed to help people recognize their behavior is their legacy, and she co-developed 5E™ Leadership program, an inside out approach to self-leadership and improving authentic presence.

Vikki’s sweet spot is respectfully provoking individuals to take their leadership (and their life) to the next level. Using a consultative coaching style, Vikki is direct while being respectful, challenging in a non-judgmental way, and believes that people learn and grow most rapidly in a fun environment. When you become Vikki’s client, her loyalty is to you – – and what you talk about is 100% confidential. The only way others will know you are working with a coach is by changes in your attitude, behavior, activity, results, and communication – or if you share with them that you are working with a coach.

Her philosophy is that each person creates the movie that is their life – sometimes consciously and many times unconsciously – and that this movie is their legacy. She further believes that your legacy is actively created moment-by-moment through choices and actions according to your values and beliefs. Thus, clients who work best with Vikki are those who wish to consciously live an Active Legacy®.

The foremost subject matter expert on the roots and emergence of the coaching field, Dr. Brock is the author of Sourcebook of Coaching History; speaks internationally, and is regularly published in professional magazines. Vikki provides sessions face-to-face at client sites and by telephone from her 50’ TriStar sailboat named Cuidado, which is moored in Ventura Harbor about an hour north of Los Angeles, California.

Summit Topic: Neuroscience and Coaching:
The Impact of Coaching on the Client’s 3 Brains
Recent scientific research has caught up with what we already knew: we humans have three brains – one in our head, one in our heart, and one in our gut. Aristotle, an ancient philosopher, and the Quran spoke of the presence of three brains. Dr. Brock will share with you the theory and practice of the relationship of the three brains, the core competencies of each brain, and what this means to you as a business leader. You will participate in an exercise to determine if you have an over reliance on one of your brains. Join us for a fun interactive session from which you will leave with practical tools to effectively communicate with others from a balanced reliance on all three brains.

Experience Vikki and her fascinating topic on November 8th!

The official ICF International Coaching & Leadership Summit Venue Partner –
Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

The Official ICF International Coaching & Leadership Summit Hotel –
Le Meridien Putrajaya  

All Summit participants will receive a preferred rate within the window of November 3rd through 12th, 2017.
This rate includes breakfast and the free shuttle to/from the PICC the day of the Summit.


Engage | Empower | Thrive
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Wednesday, 8 November 2017