ICF Malaysia International Coaching & Leadership Summit Speakers

The ICF Malaysia presents the 2017 International Coaching & Leadership Summit Wednesday, 8 November.
Better Leadership with Coaching Culture!

The International Coach Federation’s (ICF) local registered ICF Malaysia Charter Chapter is in her 12th year. We are proud to present the 3rd biennial Conference this November 8th, bringing together coaches, business leaders, human resource professionals, and all parties interested in leadership development across Asia Pacific as well as from other continents.

The conference theme is: Engage | Empower I Thrive

We are most grateful to have such a diverse and passionate group of speakers, to contribute a  transformational learning-experience with interactive content and actionable take-aways for our participants.

Shyleswari Mohan, PCC
Shyleswari Mohan. A Leadership Coach, Women Executive Coach and Engaged Living Coach, specialized in Leadership development, self-­awareness and increasing work place relationship. Works at different levels with different parameters like self esteem, significance, aliveness, competencies, self belief and self worth.

Shyleswari helps in creating happy people by enabling them to cultivate a purposeful, happy, positive and more engaged person in a business environment.

Shyleswari has partnered with businesses and organisations in providing training and coaching that drive ideas to action, optimize performance, increase profits, strengthen core-competencies, change culture and develop leaders in private, public and academic community. Shyleswari has used the power of Metaphors and Imagery at individual level and with Organisational Leadership clients.

Summit Topic: Metaphors and Imagery in Powerful Questions
One of the primary tool used in Coaching is “Questioning”. In this, sometimes as a Coach, I have found it very valuable and impactful to use Metaphors and Imagery. It can be used: 1­To describe a very emotional moments, 2­To express abstract thoughts, 3­Capture an essence of subtle experience, 4­It can capsulate pages of data, 5­It can bring vividness and richness to the situation, 6­It can express feelings that are hard to express.

As a Coach , the Coach can develop his skills:1­To listen to the unsaid word, 2­To explore deeper, 3­To encourage new possibilities, 4­To build rapport within the metaphor, 5­To stretch the metaphor, 6­To find creative solution, 7­To capture the imagination of the client, 8­To bring about transformation.

This process is highly associated with Linguistics, intuition, perception, association and articulation. The major benefit for the client is that even after the words have faded the imagery remains and therefore retain the focus and depth of the specific area in which she was coached. It is also potent method to shock an awe, simultaneously enabling him or her to understand to reframe, to reflect and co create new possibilities.

The focus is: Understand of this approach will engage, empower and thrive the coach to unlock, new relevant seeds and plumb new depth in coaching conversations. It can also enable within the frame of strategy and implementation, by working on visualizing, which can lead to new thoughts, feelings and sensations.To me metaphors are mirrors that help us see places we would rather not in ourselves. It can be both implicit and explicit. It can release a person when “Stuck”.

Experience Shyleswari and her fascinating topic on November 8th!

The official ICF International Coaching & Leadership Summit Venue Partner –
Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

The Official ICF International Coaching & Leadership Summit Hotel –
Le Meridien Putrajaya  

All Summit participants will receive a preferred rate within the window of November 3rd through 12th, 2017.
This rate includes breakfast and the free shuttle to/from the PICC the day of the Summit.


Engage | Empower | Thrive
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Wednesday, 8 November 2017