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ICF Malaysia Coach Azman

Get Lucky and Repeat

Have you ever come across acquaintances who have completely transformed their lives? Years earlier when you met them, they were totally messed up. But now they are enjoying life that many people may envy.

They are thriving in many aspects – health, wealth, intellect, leisure, social, family, spiritual and more. Among them, some became active philanthropists for social causes.

They have flourished and became well balanced.

How did they do it? Is it by pure luck?

Based on Positive Psychology, the starting point for any transformation is a conscious desire for change that comes from within the person.

What triggers people to seek change can be one or several factors. They could have been inspired or they could have fallen rock bottom, or some other reasons to want change.

A sensible option to initiate real change is by picking one aspect of life to improve first. It could be health, intellect, money, family or anything they want to see a change first. They put their greatest energy for that purposeful change alone.

During the journey, they may have encountered many difficult challenges. They might even be distracted by people or choices that made them lose focus and squander resources.

They picked themselves up, lick their wounds, learn from mistakes they made and moved on forward.  Nothing beats grit – combination of persistence and resilience in them.

After achieving one goal, it won’t take them too long to target the next one. It became much easier because of stronger values and newly formed confidence. Previous experience had given them better insights and strategic skills.

From here on, their progress forward are steadier and faster. They pick another area to work on, get lucky and repeat. Creating a momentum, snowballing their growth further. That’s how they transformed their lives to prosperity.

Get help to regain energy and catalyze outcomes

The transformation process may be long, hard and arduous. On their way, some may even became disillusioned and disappointed. They may be stuck at this point for quite a while, if they do not seek guidance.

This is where Coaching can greatly help them overcome mental hurdles and blind spots.

Coaching helps create awareness, develop clarity and trigger inspiration for the right solutions. With Coaching, they are guided to get back on track towards what they really want to achieve in life.

Let’s end this article with a quote, “The harder we work, the smarter we become and the luckier we get..“. That’s how to get lucky. And it all started with the desire for change.

This article is written by Azman Ab Rahman, ACC. He is a Coach, Trainer and Consultant servicing various industries.

Learn more about Azman at Linkedin or www.AZMAN.asia

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