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8 August 2015 Chapter Meeting

Up Close with … Dickson Lai


Core Competencies NA
Resource Development NA


An EmoWaveTM is an emotions-based, specific and personal snapshot taken at a fixed moment in time. It is, put very simply, a way to read and evaluate an individual’s unconscious reactions to various stimuli via emotionally activated triggers that can be identified and categorized by a program designed for that purpose.

A person’s voice is an instrument for emotional expression. As we speak, our vocal chords appear to link with our emotional state. EmoWaveTM is a technology that performs voice analysis which, in turn, enables the possibility of performing further analyses as needed or wanted.

This session will demonstrate how a coach can instantaneously achieve and fulfill ICF core competencies number 3 and 8.

1) How is the voice the carrier of intention?

2) How is high impact awareness created with the data collected from the voice?

3) How is factual emotional data utilised to see the difference, interrelated factors and behavior at a deep emotional level?

4) The process of facts-based coaching.

5) Case studies and results.