ICF Coach - Emer Doyle, MCC

Coaching The WHO of your Clients

This session will explain how to seamlessly move through a coaching session agreement at the beginning, middle and end, illustrating how the ICF core coaching competencies are demonstrated at MCC level.

Emer will provide clarity on how the way in which you focus your attention in relationship to your client will impact the richness and effectiveness of your coaching conversations.

Date : Thursday, September 20, 2018

Time : 5.30 pm – 7.15 pm (GMT +8 Kuala Lumpur)

Fee : Free for ICF Malaysia Members, RM45 for Non-Members

Webinar Platform :  Zoom ( get it free from )

About This Workshop

A linear problem-solving approach to addressing a client’s topic for coaching usually indicates coaching the WHAT is occurring. Coaching a client and not their content still requires a coach to hold attention on WHAT the client desires but focuses on WHO the client is, which is at the core of why they perceive they have a problem in the first place.

This facilitates a shift in the client’s relationship to their current situation, inviting an opportunity to enhance their way of being which enables them to address and overcome their presenting issue from a whole new perspective. The transition to masterful coaching occurs when the coach is fully focused on coaching the WHO of the client and letting the WHAT follow as a direct output.

This session will illustrate how at masterful level, the coach acts as a curious observer of the current state and inquisitive explorer of the desired state of being of the client. The role of the coach is to become and stay connected to WHO your client is presenting as, WHO they authentically are and WHO they wish to become in order to achieve their WHAT i.e. goal.

Your Take Away

  • Become familiar with the Coaching Conversation Cycle Model which highlights the implicit role of a coach in the beginning, transition and conclusion stage of every coaching conversation.
  • Understand the five key components involved in establishing a coaching agreement for a session at masterful level.
  • Learn how to identify when re-contracting is required in a session in order to ensure forward movement occurs.
  • Distinguish difference between observation and interpretation when actively listening and communicating directly and the impact it has on the client.

ICF Core Competencies Covered

  • Coaching Agreement – five components of establishing a coaching agreement
  • Active Listening – level three global listening – focusing on how the client is communicating
  • Direct Communication – difference between observation and interpretation
  • Powerful Questioning –  using direct communication to ask powerful questions which invite the coach to reflect inwards
  • Creating Awareness – cultivating a curious state of coaching being in order to facilitate new awareness in the client
Core Competencies 2.0
Resource Development 0

About The Speaker

Emer Doyle is currently one of only two coaches in Ireland who have been awarded the Master Certified Coach Credential from the International Coach Federation.

She has over ten years of experience specialising in the area of personal development and transformational change through coaching, training and the facilitation of multi-sensory experiences via virtual and in person events. The common thread in Emer’s portfolio of work is her intention to provide pure undiluted space, a moment on still ground, off the fast-paced merry-go-round many increasingly experience in their lives personally or professionally.

Emer is passionate about the area of coach mentoring and preparing coaches for all levels of the ICF Credentialing Application Process.  She received the ICF Ireland Chapter Mentor Coach of the Year Award in 2014 and 2016. She is currently a member of the Judging Panel for the ICF Ireland Annual Coaching Awards.

She regularly designs and delivers a series of face to face MCC Coaching Masterclasses on a range of coaching topics which are attended by professional coaches in both public and private sectors. Emer is registered as a Continuous Coach Education Provider with ICF.

She also provides Individual Credentialing Preparation Programmes to clients both national and international clients She is regularly invited to attend a number of coaching events and coach training programmes as a Guest Speaker.