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13 June 2015 Chapter Meeting

Up Close with … Terrie Lupberger MCC


Core Competencies 1.875
Resource Development 0.625


Your client’s words are only one small piece of information they are communicating to you in a coaching session. They telegraph their beliefs, attitudes and opinions in every gesture and movement. Listening to and working with your client’s movements allows you to coach more powerfully by supporting your clients to become aware of their conditioned tendencies and habits in speaking and reacting. Coaching gives them awareness and provides them with the power to choose, to act rather than re-act and to replace habits with choices.

As a coach, listening to your client’s movements requires you to understand the body as fundamental to learning and to change.

In this session we will explore how to understand the body as fundamental to learning and change and growth. We will explore how to observe the movement and shape of the individual and to recognize how these might impact their thinking and responses to life.

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