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9 June 2016 Webinar


Core Competencies 2
Resource Development 0.5


We are very excited to bring you our first live webinar – a two-hour workshop that will introduce you to the difference between Mentor Coaching and Coach Supervision and what they offer in the development of your coaching mastery. The workshop will consist of a short coaching session, followed by a mentor coaching session, audience interaction and then coach supervision. Participants will have an opportunity to observe both coaching development approaches in action and begin to form their own thoughts on the pros and cons of each in their own development as a masterful coach.


  • You will observe live coaching, mentor coaching and coach supervision;
  • Increase your confidence as a coach;
  • Have fun, establish valuable resources;
  • You will be able to evaluate the differences between mentor coaching and coach supervision for growth as a masterful coach;
  • And, you will determine your next steps.

The 2-hour workshop includes:

  • Introduction and set up – 15 minutes
  • Coaching Demonstration – 20 minutes
  • Mentor Coaching Demonstration using the ICF Core Competencies – 20 minutes
  • Discussion on what participants observed about mentor coaching – 10 minutes
  • Short break – 5 minutes
  • Coach Supervision Demonstration – 20 minutes
  • Discussion on what participants observed about coach supervision – 10 minutes
  • Check out on learnings and next steps – 10 minutes

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