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13 August 2016 Chapter Meeting

Up Close with … Ian Homer from Singapore


Core Competencies 2.5
Resource Development 0

Ian Homer was formally certified and licensed as a coach in 2006. He is a certified coach with Gazelles International and has coached and mentoring over sixty executives and business owners.


During the session, participants will learn:

Execution Excellence – Often our coaching clients find it tough to execute on the priorities we have helped them identify. During this talk we will take a look at some of the execution elements that are often missing and how we would facilitate our clients to follow through on their commitments. We will also look at some key rhythms that help clients keep the momentum between sessions even when they appear to be far from their goal.

On the flip side of the equation, sometimes clients can be diligent in taking actions only to find that what they are focused on is not the thing that is going to give them the best results and move them forward.


Learning Outcomes for the session:

The participants will take away :
  • Tools in helping clients identify the most high-leverage actions and follow through with solid execution
  • A framework for identifying a client’s ‘chokepoint’
  • How to craft an executable plan
  • How to give a client the best chance of taking consistent action

ICF Core Competency areas this session supports:

  • Setting the Foundation- Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Facilitating Learning and Results- Designing Action.

Ian Homer’s Experience:

Click here for Ian Homer’s bio.