Viviana Widjaja, ACC

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Viviana provides life coaching for individuals who need help to balance work and life and goal setting. She also provides business development and entrepreneur coaching to independent professionals, solo business owners or solo entrepreneurs as well as to those who are in transition to seek a change in career or business.

Her interest in coaching started when she was involved in Internet and Affiliate Marketing. Then, she met many who came to her with challenges and limiting beliefs and in need of support.  She believes that in order to succeed in life, one has to be able to adapt and be flexible with changes in life and have a good coach who can listen and support them. Though she lives in Ipoh, Malaysia, she is still able to reach out to people from different countries and nationalities via the Internet which knows no borders. Viviana is a Certified Professional Coach from the Academy of Coaching Cognition, US and is an Associate Certified Coach from International Coach Federation (ICF).

She also collaborated with peer coaches to co-author books at

Living without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Rock Your World

Living without Limitations – 30 Stories to Heal Your World

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Viviana has a down to earth, direct and solution-oriented coaching style. She is warm and attentive and I felt she provided a safe place for me where I could explore my concerns and dilemmas. Viviana was very good in wrapping up the process and mirroring my reflections and concerns. It helped me to get clearer on my goal and to find solutions. After the coaching with Viviana I got much clearer on the career path I want to create for myself. Christina Melchior, Philippines

Viviana is attentive and respects the need to give the client space to explore and think. She is also affirmative and supportive. She has supported me very well for this round as she gives observations of myself that I would otherwise not be able to see. She has also given me ample space such that I can arrive at my own solution or gain some insights to my issue. The space, when used carefully, is powerful as without interruption, I could think deeper into the issue. The silence was useful for me to complete my unspoken thoughts. I was being coached at a time where I was facing a lot of dilemma at work, and even suffered a setback. Through her support, I was able to bounce back quickly, and refocus on my priorities in life. Viviana’s attentive and non-judgmental style is truly a powerful coaching style. Yeo Chuen Chuen, Singapore

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Contact: Mobile: +60-12-5067382