ICF Malaysia Coach Shantamala

Shanta Navaratnam

ICF Malaysia Coach Shantamala

Shanta Navaratnam,ACC

Personal Profile

Shanta believes life is a journey of self-discovery and creation. She believes with the right support everyone can achieve their full potential, be it in their career, academics or personal life. She was introduced to coaching whilst in the United Kingdom and she realised how the coaching model aligned with her core believes. That was a turning point for her and she took immediate action. She enrolled in the Personal Performance Coaching Program with The Coaching Academy, UK and qualified with distinction as a professional coach.

Shanta has coached individuals and teams in various countries including Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Egypt

A qualified professional Accountant, Shanta has held various senior finance roles in Malaysia, Macedonia and the United Kingdom, working with Senior Management Teams to set strategic directions for companies. Prior to that, she has travelled in her Finance capacity to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. She is currently the Chief Financial Officer with a multi-national company based in Malaysia. She now looks to consolidate her vast corporate experience and her varied cultural exposure with her passion for coaching to make a difference to people.

She uses tested coaching techniques to create awareness in clients of their strengths and beliefs. She empowers them to generate ideas and to take action in order to achieve their dreams.

Qualifications and Certifications

  • Member of the International Coach Federation (and the Malaysian Chapter)
  • Member of The Coaching Academy, qualified as a professional coach
  • Member of the Malaysia Association of Certified Public Accountants
  • Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Contact details

Email: shanta@shannavacoaching.com

Mobile: +6012 299 7122

Website: http://www.shannavacoaching.com/