ICF Malaysia Coach Guadalupe Cernesco

Guadalupe Cernusco

ICF Malaysia Coach Guadalupe Cernesco

Guadalupe Cernusco

As an ontological coach I work with the body, the language and the emotions. We work with the “being” and invest time in discovering who we are to develop our potential. We listen without judgment and mirror what we see so that the person can see him or herself. Sometimes we work with one person and some other times, with groups. In some group sessions we may include health coaches, intuitive art and yoga teachers.

Background & Experience
I hold a Certificate in Social Studies from Harvard University, USA, and have studied and taught Communication in Blas Pascal University, Argentina and Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala. I have also studied Language teaching at Zorrilla de San Martin School and Ontological Coaching at PNL and Coaching School ICF member, Argentina.

I have worked in both, private and public sector: Media and advertising, political campaigns, television and radio and also freelance writing. I have NGO experience, I taught as various schools in different parts of the world, led corporate training for companies and learnt from the diverse cultures to enrich the way I look at the human being.

I have worked with High and Middle Management in banks, advertising agencies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and recently in a program with United Nations staff to build stronger teams so they could reach their highest potential.

I believe we are learning all the time and that is why I invest time in activities related to coaching and ontology which can enrich what I share in my daily work. I have attended APAC congress 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand and ICF World Summit in Malaysia in November 2017. In April 2018 I took a Teacher Training International Yoga course to enrich the experience of connecting with ourselves through our body and breathing.

I value life and that is why I ride my bicycle twice a week in the jungle, practice daily yoga, moving meditation and maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as I can.

Some benefits people have achieved? Being better at:
• Decision making,
• Setting limits,
• Finding strength and motivation,
• Building confidence,
• Connecting with other people,
• Appreciating themselves more
• Managing frustration,
• Actively listening,
• Building trust, etc.

Some feedback from group sessions and individual coaching
“I felt safe. The journey itself was one of the most valuable things which happened because it made us all equal.” Mary, the Netherlands.

“I appreciated Guadalupe’s patience and skill at guiding the group to each reach personal outcomes and to include everybody.” Kate, England.

“Guadalupe provided me with new insights and boosted my self-confidence”. Mark, Switzerland.

“Smart, intelligent questions yet a very empathetic and warm style. She helped me navigate some pretty tough moments, and seek for practices that can enable me to deal with my issue with more lightness.” Caterina, Italy.

“Guadalupe is a professional coach with strong skills in holding space for a trusting dialogue and open listening. I received clarity on topics in my life throughout dialogues which allowed me to take next steps with confidence.” Catherine, Switzerland.

Guadalupe Cernusco, Coach Lupe
Ontological Coaching
Malaysia – Argentina
+60 1798 00093

Email : gcernusco@gmail.com