Qamar Wan Noor

Qamar Wan Noor


Qamar has over 28 years of professional experience in strategy and planning, supply chain and operations, public transport regulatory and policy, business development, project management and reorganisation.  Some of the senior positions she held: Chief Operating Officer of Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat, Board member of Shell Timur Sdn Bhd, GM Business Development for Shell Supply and Distribution Asia Pacific, GM Distribution for Shell Malaysia and Singapore, and Distribution Manager for Shell Oman and Shell Dubai, a secondment as General Manager for PS Pipeline, an Operating JV Co between Shell Malaysia and Petronas Dagangan and as a refinery technologist.  She graduated in Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with Magna Cum Laude from Rensselaer, New York.

She has a proven track record of leading cross-cultural and functional teams to deliver outstanding business and safety results.  She has strong interpersonal skills in forging excellent working relationship with internal and external stakeholders and is a people-oriented leader. She is passionate in helping people excel in their careers through coaching and mentoring when she was in Shell and SPAD.  She is a Certified Coach with International Coach Federation and an affiliate member of the Institute Corporate Directors Malaysia. She now pursues her passion in helping others through coaching and is currently coaching senior business leaders in their personal and professional development, growth, business and strategy.

Coaching Specialization

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Diversity and Inclusion Coaching
  • Life Coaching

Qamar can be contacted at:

Virginie Jullien

ICF Malaysia Coach Virginie Jullien

Virginie Jullien

Certified Professional Coach


Virginie Jullien is a Certified Professional Coach, currently applying for her ACC accreditation.

After an intense career in the consulting world, Virginie transitioned to a coaching career pursuing a dream she had for a few years. She is now working as a life and career coach for women and she founded RéalISE Coaching.

Her passion is to empower women through coaching and her ambition is to support as many women as she can so they can fully realise themselves and achieve their personal and/or professional goals.
Her motto: know yourself, trust yourself and realise yourself! She believes that once you know yourself and you know what you want to do, everything becomes possible!

Her coaching is oriented towards self-discovery and self-development and combines refection and action. She does individual coaching as well as group coaching and she is mostly working online. The different areas she is working on with her coachees are: self-confidence, motivation, time management, change management and work-life balance.

As she has transitioned to an expatriate life, she is also offering guidance to women living the transition to this new life and its challenges.

Virginie is also an exco member and the event director of ACSM (the association of coaching supervision and mentoring of Malaysia).
email :

David Khaw

ICF Malaysia Coach David Khaw

David Khaw


David Khaw helps organisation leaders to realise sustainable benefits and create meaningful values using project management and coaching skills. He has delivered training & coaching related to organisational strategy, change and project management since 2012 to develop competent project managers to deliver unique quality outcome for organisations.

David holds double masters on business administration and project management from University of Southern Queensland Australia. He also certified Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute (PMI®), US, certified Professional Trainer from International Professional Managers Association, UK, certified Transformative Coach from Coach Masters Academy, Singapore and Neuro-Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis and Time-lines Practitioner by International Society of Neuro-Semantics, US.

David is currently an independence trainer, consultant and coach, and also post-graduate lecturer for several private universities in Malaysia. Before that he was senior project manager managed capital and organisation change projects for couple of both local and international multi-national companies. Change and project management are part of his belief to help organisation to achieve its vision.

He is specialising in:

  • Vision, Value & Benefit Management
  • Strategic and Sustainability Management
  • Organizational Project Management
  • Organization and People Change
  • Project Governance & Management Office
  • Business & Project Agility Management
  • Project Leadership
  • Stakeholder Engagement

He is bound to code of ethics of PMI®, International Coach Federation (ICF) and Rotary International which he is currently active involving in.

David is contactable at:

He is available either at Klang Valley, Malaysia for Face to Face or Zoom for Internet Connection.


Richard Jacob

ICF Malaysia Coach Richard Jacob

Richard Jacob

Richard Jacob is a very experienced international Corporate Trainer and an Erickson College International of Canada (ACTP, ICF) Professional Coach.

He is a member of the American Management Association Global Faculty, a HRDF Certified trainer and has been in the training industry for 23 years and in the coaching industry for the last 5 years. He has designed & developed and delivered training programs, facilitated & coached diverse companies and people in Asia.

Though Richard’s core competencies are in Strategy, Marketing, Fundamentals of Finance and Leadership, his current passion is in coaching people to overcome challenges and reach New Heights of empowerment and satisfaction.

Given Richard’s vast corporate and life experience his strength lies in his ability to do deep personal coaching interventions and enable people to discover insights to provoke their capacity and capabilities.

Richard also has an articulate, powerful voice and now also coaches people in Public Speaking and Presentations.

Coaching Specialization

  • Executive Coaching
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Life and Behavioural Coaching
  • Public Speaking and Presentations

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Erickson College International Certified Professional Coach
  • MBA, Cranfield University, UK
  • American Management Association, Certified Trainer
  • HRDF, Malaysia Certified Trainer

Contact Details

Mobile: +6012-2182401

Guadalupe Cernusco

ICF Malaysia Coach Guadalupe Cernesco

Guadalupe Cernusco

As an ontological coach I work with the body, the language and the emotions. We work with the “being” and invest time in discovering who we are to develop our potential. We listen without judgment and mirror what we see so that the person can see him or herself. Sometimes we work with one person and some other times, with groups. In some group sessions we may include health coaches, intuitive art and yoga teachers.

Background & Experience
I hold a Certificate in Social Studies from Harvard University, USA, and have studied and taught Communication in Blas Pascal University, Argentina and Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala. I have also studied Language teaching at Zorrilla de San Martin School and Ontological Coaching at PNL and Coaching School ICF member, Argentina.

I have worked in both, private and public sector: Media and advertising, political campaigns, television and radio and also freelance writing. I have NGO experience, I taught as various schools in different parts of the world, led corporate training for companies and learnt from the diverse cultures to enrich the way I look at the human being.

I have worked with High and Middle Management in banks, advertising agencies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and recently in a program with United Nations staff to build stronger teams so they could reach their highest potential.

I believe we are learning all the time and that is why I invest time in activities related to coaching and ontology which can enrich what I share in my daily work. I have attended APAC congress 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand and ICF World Summit in Malaysia in November 2017. In April 2018 I took a Teacher Training International Yoga course to enrich the experience of connecting with ourselves through our body and breathing.

I value life and that is why I ride my bicycle twice a week in the jungle, practice daily yoga, moving meditation and maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as I can.

Some benefits people have achieved? Being better at:
• Decision making,
• Setting limits,
• Finding strength and motivation,
• Building confidence,
• Connecting with other people,
• Appreciating themselves more
• Managing frustration,
• Actively listening,
• Building trust, etc.

Some feedback from group sessions and individual coaching
“I felt safe. The journey itself was one of the most valuable things which happened because it made us all equal.” Mary, the Netherlands.

“I appreciated Guadalupe’s patience and skill at guiding the group to each reach personal outcomes and to include everybody.” Kate, England.

“Guadalupe provided me with new insights and boosted my self-confidence”. Mark, Switzerland.

“Smart, intelligent questions yet a very empathetic and warm style. She helped me navigate some pretty tough moments, and seek for practices that can enable me to deal with my issue with more lightness.” Caterina, Italy.

“Guadalupe is a professional coach with strong skills in holding space for a trusting dialogue and open listening. I received clarity on topics in my life throughout dialogues which allowed me to take next steps with confidence.” Catherine, Switzerland.

Guadalupe Cernusco, Coach Lupe
Ontological Coaching
Malaysia – Argentina
+60 1798 00093

Email :

Dr Shah Dan

ICF Malaysia Coach Dr Shahdan

Dr Shah Dan

Executive Coach & Certified Talent Analyst (Chally)

Dr Shah Dan believes in assisting people to reach their highest potentials through self-awareness, mindfulness and wisdom of choice through coaching and mentoring.

He did his studies in Padjadjaran State University, Bandung (Political Science in 1976), RVB Delft, Holland (Marketing and Physical Distribution in 1980) and University Philippines, Manila (Management Consultancy in 1983).

He began his career teaching at University Malaya, and later worked with Malaysia Productivity Corporation, Malaysia Mining Corporation, Hilton International, DELLOITE Consulting and Systematic Education Group.

He is an Associate with Imperial Consulting Malaysia that caters American Management Association (AMA) learning modules. In that capacity, he was cohort leader for Pfizer and Caltex sponsored working students leading to MBA in Business Leadership accredited by Northumbria University UK. The responsibilities included student performance evaluation, supervision of learning logs, and mentoring.

He is a CHALLY Certified Talent Analyst for the US (Ohio) based talent research center that offer talent profiling tool in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. He currently offers consultancy services in areas of strategic planning, competency profiling & assessment, and talent management.

He also conducts selective learning programs including talent management, customer service, structured interviewing, everyday leadership, Training the Trainer, Persuasion & Negotiation, Collaboration, Learning Skills, EQ, Motivation, Performance Excellence, etc. for managers and supervisors in corporate and public sectors.

His past clients for talent management, competency profiling & assessment, strategic planning and learning programs were PETRONAS/PERMATA, Proton, MAXIS, KTMB, BINTULU PORT, MAYBANK, LTAT, MIDA, UKM, MPSepang, Selangor State Government, Bank Muamalat, Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor (KPS), Central Spectrum SB, Abass and Safeguards G4S, JPA, MTDC UPM Serdang, University Malaya, Ministry of Human Resource and Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ)

Performance coaching is his latest service offering, and was engaged at MPSJ and Proton Holding. His recent engagements as a Coach, Talent Analyst and Learning Facilitator are with Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) and Public Services Department (JPA) in areas of talent fit, selection and development.

Contact me at 0123861808 or email

Theophilus Wong

Theophilus Wong

Personal Profile

Theophilus is a qualified coach and mentor and has been in the training and coaching industry for the last 10 years. He has designed & developed programs, trained, facilitated & coached mostly multinational companies including teams of top management over the last 8 years. Theophilus was formerly from an Australian-based training company and his last employment was with a local consulting firm as General Manager.

Theophilus strength lies in his expertise in various psychometric tools and assessment and is increasingly sought after coach and consultant for various leadership, organizational and talent development as well as team coaching.

In 2015, he led his team to win 2 HR Vendor of The Year Awards by Human Resource Magazine Asia for Best Team Building Provider and Best Psychometric Testing Provider categories. In 2016, his team won the Best Service Provider in HR at the 24th Global HR Excellence Award. He himself won 2 individual awards for Training Leaders of The Year at 3rd Global Training & Development Congress as well as Leaders of Tomorrow Award at the same 24th Global HR Excellence Award.

Theophilus is currently the Industry Advisor for undergraduate psychology and post-graduate industrial and organizational psychology of UTAR. One of his passion is to reach out to the younger generation to guide and coach them in finding their true vocation and moulding them to be the future leaders. His company tagline is “Building Teams, Moulding Leaders”.

Coaching Specialization

• Career Coaching
• Team Coaching (with team assessment tools)
• Behavioural Coaching (with psychometric assessment tools)

Qualifications & Certifications

• B.Eng, 1st Class (UK), M.Sc. (UK) and Ph.D in Management PBS (pursuing), UPM (M’sia)
• Master Trainer for DISC Insights, Institute of Motivational Living Inc. USA
• Master Trainer for Workplace Big Five, Centre of Applied Cognitive Studies, USA
• Accredited Belbin Team Roles, Belbin UK
• Accredited Competency Professional, ILM UK
• Accredited Team Management System, TMS AUS
• Certified Habitudes Trainer, Growing Leaders, USA
• Certified Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI Trust USA
• Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional, ITD M’sia
• Certified Behavioural & Career Consultant, IML Inc USA
• Certified Saville Wave Consultant, Saville International UK
• Certified Facilitator – The Five Behavior of A Cohesive Team, USA
• Certified Facilitator – Discovery Learning Inc. USA,
• Certified LegoSeriousPlay Facilitator, Denmark
• Certificate in HR Transformation & O.D. Penn State U (USA)

Contact Details

Contact: Mobile: +6012-2045400


Chong Sook Leng

Chong Sook Leng

Personal Profile

Chong Sook Leng has about 25 years work experience in a wide array of industries such as audit, banking, airline catering, hotel, property, education and insurance.

Although a Chartered Accountant by profession, Sook Leng has expanded her scope to include general management. Her last role is as Change Management in the CEO office.

During her career in Finance, she rose very quickly to head Finance departments while in her 20s.  She was the Finance head for over 10 years in MAS Catering and HSBC Data Processing.  During that time, she was instrumental in championing projects for process improvements, business turnaround from net loss to net positive.  Her keen business analytics fuelled those successful initiatives.

Because Sook Leng was interested to expand her scope to general management including finance, HR, IT support, risks management and board administration, she took up the role as Chief Operating Officer at the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre.  During this time, she took up a keen interest in leadership development. In view of her diverse and deep organisational experience and exposure, she was also involved in coaching senior executives who attended the leadership programs with Iclif.  It was her strength in being able to cut through complexities to find practical solutions which she applied in her coaching technique that had helped her clients to find meaningful outcomes.

In her other role as group HR director in a Malaysian PLC, she was involved in coaching her internal employees on career progression and senior management leaders on talent management and leadership development. She is often approached by friends and colleagues while at work to help de-clutter their respective circumstance with much satisfying results.

She partners with leading consultants to offer coaching services and facilitation and talent assessments at leadership development programme targeted at C-suite participants.  Her niche is in coaching for transitions which encompass, transitions to a new role, career or new job, and change management efforts.

Sook Leng currently sits on the Nomination Committee of the International Coach Federation, the global body governing the worldwide coaching community.

Sook Leng is certified in several personality assessment tools, such as MBTI, Hogan Personality Assessment and WAVE Profiles Assessment.  She is also Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy.

Sook Leng is also a certified NLP Coach and Master Performance Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation.

As a community give back initiative, Sook Leng draws from her experiences and contributes articles on workplace behaviours in The Star to share her thoughts on leadership at all levels of an organisation.

Contact Details