Emi Kawauchi

ICF Malaysia Coach Emi Kawauchi

Emi Kawauchi, ACC

Emi is a freelance credentialed coach working with clients in executive coaching and life coaching.  Her passion is to help people realize their hidden potential to make them into effective leaders in their organizations. She is actively doing executive coaching with corporate clients in the banking/securities business and insurance/re-insurance business.

Emi obtained her coaching certificate (ACSTH) in Transformative Coaching in 2017 and (ACTP) in Advanced Training in Mastery coaching at PCC level in 2018. She is also an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) since March 2019.

She has 23 years of working experience in the banking industry including Treasury, Corporate Banking and Cash Management.  After banking, she managed a head hunting company sourcing for engineers for multinational companies.

She is a member of the International Coach Federation and Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches. Emi is also a freelance Associate Coach and Co-Facilitator with a Malaysian culture transformation organization and a leadership training school.

During her banking years, Emi worked with large government corporations including the Accountant General’s office, which managed government Treasury roles in government agencies such as the Customs Dept. of  Malaysia, Ministry of Health Malaysia and Public Worrks Dept.  She also worked with Multinational companies including Japanese, Korean multinationals and Malaysian corporations.

In line with her passion to help the less fortunate, she was an active member of Lions Club International holding the Treasurer position and later the President’s position for her club which won the Top Club Award and other project awards for 3 years running including during her tenure as the President.  The club is actively involved in projects such as Feeding The Needy, Education for Refugee Children, Renal Centre, Eye Conservation for the Needy, Environment Awareness and Festivities Celebration for Underprivileged Families.  She remains in contact with her club to help out in raising funds for the projects.


  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) University Malaya
  • Diploma of Education, University Malaya


  • ASCTH in Transformative Coaching
  • ACTP in Advanced Training for Mastery
  • ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Past Corporate Working Experience

  • Loan Administration of offshore loans in a Japanese bank
  • Cash Management, Treasury, Corporate Banking for corporate clients/government bodies in a Malaysian bank
  • Sourcing of senior management staff/engineers for multinationals in a head hunting agency

Contact Details:

Mobile No: +6013-3323383

Email: emikaw@gmail.com

Frances Penafort

Dr Frances Penafort, MCC

Dr. FRANCES PENAFORT is a Master Certified Coach from International Coach Federation, USA. Her background is coloured with a myriad of work experiences. This includes being an academic for 24 years, a management consultant to MNCs in Malaysia and overseas (Finland, Denmark, Australia, China, India, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei) as well as being an executive coach to organisations, both public listed as well as government-linked.

Her strong passion in her executive coaching experience has enabled leaders and their teams to break mental barriers and ‘raise the bar’. She herself continues to pursue this value.

Her clients have described her key strengths as her sincere concern for them, strong listening skills, deep level of patience and a high level of professionalism. She provides a ‘safe’ platform for her clients to explore their strengths and talents that help them to ignite a higher level of confidence in crafting strategies to achieve their set goals.

Coaching Specialisation

  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Performance Coaching
  • Talent Development Coaching
  • Managerial Skills Coaching
  • Behavioural Coaching

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Bachelor in Accounting (University Malaya)
  • Masters in Accounting (University of Southampton, UK)
  • PhD in Accounting (University Malaya)
  • Professional certifications - Certified Global Mindset Consultant to Build Global Leadership (Thunderbird, USA)
  • Coaching for Greater Effectiveness Program - Centre for Creative Leadership
  • Behavioural psychometric certifications - D.I.S.C. (USA)
  • Certification for the Behavioural and Career Coach (USA)

Coaching & Training Experience

  • Maximus International Australia – coaching leadership teams of Australian based insurance organisation in Asia
  • E & O Berhad – property, investment and hotel based organisation – coaching senior management teams in organisational development interventions and interpersonal development
  • Thunderbird Global School of Management (US) - designed and developed Global Mindset certification workshops with Prof Mansour Javidan from Thunderbird
  • Petronas (Oil and Gas) and TNB (Energy) - designed, developed and facilitated Global Mindset Programs for their management teams
  • Egnatia Academy – a market research and consultancy org - coaching senior management teams in the areas of Executive Leadership and Executive Performance
  • Maxis Sdn Bhd – a telco org – coaching senior management in the areas of Talent Development, Managerial Skills and Behavioural Coaching
  • Philips Malaysia – an MNC - coaching senior management in the areas of Managerial Skills and Behavioural Coaching
  • Columbia Asia Group - coaching senior management in the areas of Culture Change
  • Melbourne Business School – coaching and training Telkom Indonesia managers in developmental areas of Global Leadership
  • Bank Rakyat – coaching and training teams in building resourcefulness and resilience – Winner’s Mindset Program

Global Experience
Her global experience expands to various countries in Europe and Asia - China, India, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Australia.

Positions Held

  • President of International Coach Federation Malaysia Chapter (2011)
    • enhancing the Branding in the corporate arena
    • sharpening Competencies level
    • strengthening Cohesiveness level

Contact Details
Mobile: 6012-3951912

Email: frances@gpsforprofessionals.asia

Web: www.gpsforprofessionals.asia

Jean-Francois Jadin

Jean-Francois Jadin, PCC

Jean-Francois’ expertise in coaching, facilitation and assessment has been built over a 20-year career in key leadership roles, including a regional CEO position with the American Management Association global network. He has designed, developed and implemented numerous talent development solutions for both multi-national corporations such as Citigroup or Pfizer or organizations such as Singapore Airlines.

Professional Background
For now over ten years, Jean-Francois is CEO of Imperial Consulting, a member of the American Management Association global network, covering Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. He focuses on offering management and leadership development solutions to multi-national corporations, large local companies as well as governments and government related entities, typically at middle and senior management levels.

A credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation, as well as a registered mentor coach, Jean-Francois focuses on integral coaching: he focuses on long term excellence, the ability to self-correct and the competence in being self-generating. In action, this means understanding clients with great depth and scope, converse with them in a way that opens insights and possibilities, and offer a path forward that includes activities custom-designed for them.

Jean-Francois brings in depth knowledge and experience in predictive talent analytics, with a particular focus on an actuarial approach to potential assessment. Since 2009, he certified about 100 ‘Chally Certified Talent Analysts’ across 4 continents while helping numerous organizations to raise their productivity through enhanced human capital analytics.

Jean-Francois has years of experience in high-potential development, accelerated leadership development and succession planning for clients such as Pfizer and Chevron, many of which combined their developmental process with an academic qualification, from universities such as Northumbria University.

For fifteen years, Jean-Francois was a director and deputy chairman of the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which brought to him multi-industry exposure, with a focus on international trade and investment, as well as senior government relations.

Earlier, he worked for Apple in Belgium, a government hospital in France and a telecommunication company in the United Kingdom.

Education & Qualifications
Jean-Francois holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science and a M.Sc. in Information Systems from the University of Namur, Belgium. He has been an American Management Association faculty member since 2002, became a Chally certified talent analyst in 2009 and is now a Chally master trainer, certifying Chally talent analysts. He is a credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation as well as a registered mentor coach.

Jean-Francois is a Belgian national, currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He coaches and facilitates in English. An avid reader, an aircraft pilot and an experimental cook, Jean-Francois relishes cultural richness and diversity.

Contact Details
Email: jf@imperialconsulting.com

Web: www.imperialconsulting.com

Ashley Grandisch

ICF Malaysia Workshop - Coach Ashley Grandisch, ACC

Ashley Grandisch, PCC

Ashley engages in the systematic coaching process to partner with and empower her clients. Helping them gain the self awareness needed to be their potential, achieve balance and to carry out their goals for real results.

Ashley is a certified professional coach (CPC level) and is globally certified with the International Coach Federation (PCC level). In addition, she is a certified yoga instructor with the Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International, Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science & Philosophy and the Himalayan Yoga Tradition Yoga Teacher Training Program.

As a practitioner of mindfulness and yoga herself, she engages in a facilitation process with her clients to develop a growth mindset, emotional intelligence and awareness to enable them to know themselves to the fullest.

With 15 years experience as a multimedia designer and project manager, prior to her coaching career, Ashley has the capability to fully understand the complexities of the technical process, management of teams, budgets, project timelines working directly with the clients in a variety of industries. She has knowledge of corporate culture, relationship dynamics and understanding systems.

Ashley is American born and educated, resided and worked in several countries in Europe, collectively for 12 years, and has now been in Asia since 2014. With her global perspective and experience, Ashley is able to understand the complexity, dynamics and needs of a multi-cultural environment. Ashley was the President of a NGO from 2012 to 2014 and was responsible for leading the executive team and the many committees in the organization. She successfully accrued and sustained sponsorship for the organization and the NGOs her organization supported. She increased the number of educational, cultural and fund-raising events.

Ashley has a strength in motivating, empowering and challenging her clients and the people she works with for true transformation and sustainability.

Ashley Grandisch
Professional Coach
Tel: (+60) 12 608 1044

Martin Braddock

Martin Braddock, PCC

Martin Braddock, PCC

Martin specialises in the coaching and leadership development of senior executives and their teams, supporting them in achieving and exceeding their business goals.

His fundamental purpose as an executive coach is to help senior executives and their teams achieve inspiring performance. He does this through helping them recognise, assess and build upon their core strengths and adopt approaches to achieve high standards of personal and professional success by:

  • Recognising and developing their preferred behaviours, strengths and leadership qualities.
  • Understanding their unique leadership presence, values framework and how these relate to and influence their personal style.
  • Utilising a range of interpersonal tools and techniques to support the achievement
    of their goals (often) within complex organisations.
  • Identifying the obstacles to career and personal goals and developing relationships that will support their own and others fulfilment both within and outside of the organisation.
  • Applying transformational learning & development approaches to team performance.

Martin has a broad range of individual & team coaching, knowledge, techniques and ‘tools’ that catalyses change and performance improvement with his clients.

He combines this capability with over 25 years direct experience within international blue-chip and privately-owned fast growth organisations. Where he held senior HR; Business Development and General Management positions in the UK, USA & EMEA with Land Rover, Rank Xerox, BET and The RAC. During this phase of his career, he managed mergers & acquisitions across Europe and the USA, led the ‘turn-around’ of failing businesses and operated as a lead consultant for international HR change management projects.

A pragmatist and goal-orientated coach, he has a reputation with his clients for combining the right balance of challenge with support and inserting humour where and when appropriate. His philosophy for individual and team coaching should be focussed, challenging but fun!

Education & Certification

• Honours Degree in Technology & Management
• Professionally Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation
• Diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching
• Master Trainer in the Life Orientations Behavioural Profiling Tool
• HOGAN Accredited
• Accredited Practitioner in ‘MiND’ Neuroscience Profiling Tool
• Certified Practitioner in the use of the LMAP 360 Profiling tool
• Member of Association for Coaching
• Certified Professional Selling Skills Trainer
• Associate Leadership Tutor with the London Business School

A regular contributor to the Entrepreneur Magazine, he was recognised as one of the Top 100 ‘Movers & Shakers’ in the Middle East & Africa in 2015.

Contact Details

Company: Executive & Leadership Coaching Sdn Bhd

Website: www.ELCGlobal.com

E-mail: martin@ELCGlobal.org

Phone: +60 11 3585 3788

Jo Anne Ng

Jo Anne Ng

Jo Anne Ng PCC

Personal Profile

“Helping others to strive towards their desired goals and bringing the best out of every individual”. Jo Anne Ng’s effort to inspire others is based on this premise using her executive and life coaching work with government and private sectors organisations to elevate their performance especially in the areas of Sales, Service, Process Improvement and Transformation.

Started her coaching journey in 2007, her aim centres around helping client to achieve their desired state. Her coaching credential includes Certified Professional Coach, CCA, Professional Certified Coach, ICF and Certified Solution Focus Coach. Being a certified behaviour consultant and EQi 2.0 & EQi 360 Assessor & consultant, she helps bring to bring out the maximum potential of each individual and ultimately resulting in positive impact to the organisation.

She has more than 30 years of vast experience in the banking and service Industry, and she has worked in executive and consulting positions with multiple national companies from various industries. She is recognised nationally and internationally with awards and proven track records.

Objective & Purpose

A spirited motivational speaker who vastly inspires others in bringing the best out of every individual, including corporate and non-profit organizations, she aims to help people strive towards and ultimately achieve their desired goals.

Jo Anne’s quotes:

" The goal of customer service is not just about becoming the best, but a legend that people will remember and continue to talk about.".

After all, we are in people serving people business.

Contact Details

Email: joann3.ng@gmail.com

Azman Ab Rahman

ICF Malaysia Coach - Azman AR

Azman Ab Rahman ACC,CSAT

Coach, Trainer & Consultant
My mission : “ Inspiring Growth & Resilience - Help people discover their potentials and empower them to take steps in creating positive impact in their lives.” Azman AR

Personal Profile

  • Certified Professional Transformative Coach – Coach Masters Academy, Singapore
  • Member & Credentialed Associate Coach – International Coach Federation
  • Certified Substance Abuse Therapist Level 3 – Asia Pacific Certification Board, Singapore
  • Certified Trainer – HRDF, Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia

Industry Segments served:

Education, Training, IT, Internet, Telco, TV Media, Banks, Multimedia Production, E-Commerce, Trading, Textile, Investments, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, NGO, Safety & Security

Core Services:

  • Executive, Transition, Career & Life Coaching – Individual & Group for Young Adults, Working Adults, Unemployed, Entrepreneurs, Parents, Employees
  • Training - Needs Analysis, Module Design & Development, Implementation & Facilitation
  • Strategic Workshop Facilitation – Solutions, Idea Generation, Campaign Program Development, Curriculum Development, Mission & Vision
  • Consulting – International Business Development & Brand Building

View Certificate

Contact Details

Web : www.AZMAN.asia
LinkedIn : azmanar
FB : azmanarr

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Toni Butler

Toni Butler PCC

Every facet of our lives is impacted by our leadership. Our ability to lead self, our teams, organisations and society contributes to the world we create, the cultural tenets by which we operate, the ability to work and live to our fullest potential. Toni’s purpose is to assist others to lead from their best self so that we can each enjoy our best lives, individually and collectively.


Toni is an experienced human resources and leadership development professional having worked with executive and leadership teams in Asia and Australia for more than 30 years. Holding leadership roles in global banking and legal services firms, SME and community sectors, she has proven experience leading regional and global teams in volatile markets. She thrives when learning and collaborating and seeing others do likewise.

Her leadership lessons began early in life, growing up in a family business, creating strong foundations for a corporate career that demanded resilience, adaptability, strategic foresight and values based leadership. She has lived and worked out of Australia, Asia, UK and India and continues to work across the Asia Pacific region.

Coach & Facilitation Experience

Toni works with organisations and executives committed to personal and professional development. She has designed and led leadership programs for business and government leaders that expand world views, foster partnerships and enhance leadership in their communities. Business heads have engaged her to develop individuals and teams to drive for results while focusing on task and people; on self and others. This requires working on the inner and outer aspects of leadership, achievable with a range of tools and techniques.

Described as a challenging coach, who readily blends theory with practice, Toni partners with clients to create sustainable change and high return on investment. Clients include banking, financial and professional services firms, logistics, oil and gas, telecommunications, IT, education and consumer products organisations.

Qualifications and Accreditations

Her skills as a Coach are embedded through a commitment to continuing professional development. Some of this education includes: 

  • Bachelor of Commerce – Griffith University
  • Postgraduate Certificate (International Business and HRM) – QUT
  • Graduate Member – Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Professional Certified Coach – International Coach Federation
  • Mentor Coaching – Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership
  • Certified Practitioner for Print®, LBSIÓ, MBTI®, FIRO-B®, Human-Synergistics LSI/GSI, Management/Impact and Leadership/Impact, Cultural Orientations Framework

Beyond work, Toni loves new adventures and strives to live by her motto “never let security be your anchor”.  As evidence, she obtained her motorcycle license in her 40s and rode her BMW motorbike from London to Tokyo via Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Contact Details

Email:   toni.butler@ktbactions.com
Web:      www.ktbactions.com

Rohaizan Sallehudin

Rohaizan Sallehudin ACC

Personal Profile

Rohaizan provides a safe space for leaders, millennials and professionals to bring their thoughts and dreams to the table without fear of being judged, criticised, discouraged or chastised. The trademarks of her work are her unique blend of 30+ years of corporate and coaching experience. She connects with her clients at a high level of trust to create insight, collaboration and experiential learning and align strengths and values to inspire transformative personal development. The result enables peak individual and business performance.

“Deep at the heart of my coaching practice is my commitment to the belief that life is about leadership. Discovering and coming to terms with how we lead our lives, how we see our world, our values and our strengths help us find clarity about what we want to accomplish, what options are available for us, what changes we might choose to make and how and when we are going to do it.

My brand of coaching is unique to me and my own transformative experience as I lived my own life - as a young graduate with aspirations, as a mature woman climbing the corporate ladder, as a seasoned professional participating in, leading and influencing corporate change, as a spouse and life partner, parent, daughter, sibling and friend, going through the many different stages of meaningful roles and relationships.

Life is indivisible and when I help my clients achieve their own personal goals and successes at work or at home, they develop a meaningful outlook and become successful in all other areas of their life.”

Rohaizan is Creator of The Leadership Factor and Chief Executive Coach & CEO of TLF Global Consultancy PLT, a Malaysian transformation, leadership development and coaching consultancy. She is no stranger to the corporate world of which she’s been a part for over 30 years. Twenty-one of those years were spent in GLCs, working directly with illustrious and visionary Chairmen of the Board who had been given mandates to impact Malaysia’s national growth and development in transportation, risk management, financial services and property development.

She later ventured into consulting, strategy and advisory roles with her own consultancy and 2 large Malaysian conglomerates which had grown from humble beginnings as entrepreneurial ventures into mega property and infrastructure developers. She also served on the Board of one of the Conglomerate's public listed companies as well as several other Boards in its group of companies.

Rohaizan’s real-life strategic change and transformation experience, her years of learning and practising change management and change leadership have not just made her passionate about driving change in organisations. More than that, her passion is for personal change and transformation because ultimately, it’s people who make change and transformation happen in organisations.

Areas of Practice

  • Executive Team Coaching & Development
  • Leader Transition & Top Team Alignment
  • Leadership Development
  • Visioning and Strategic Planning
  • Mission & Vision Creation, and Alignment with Stakeholder Expectations
  • Cascading and Achieving Mission & Vision
  • Performance & Results Coaching
  • Transformation & Change Leadership
  • Culture & Behavioural Change
  • Values Coaching
  • Work Life Balance
  • Succession Planning Management Development
  • Executive Career Development
  • Executive On-Boarding
  • Executive Out-Placement & Reorganisation
  • Expatriation, Cross Cultural Effectiveness & Repatriation
  • Transformation & Change Leadership
  • Culture & Behavioural Change
  • Values Coaching
  • Work Life Balance


Master of Business Administration
The Asian Institute of Management
Manila, the Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Economics, Magna Cum Laude
The University of Wales
Aberystwyth, the United Kingdom

Accreditations & Certifications

  • ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Certified Master Performance Coach (CMPC)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, ABNLP Certified
  • NLP Coaching, ABNLP Certified
  • NLP for Business (Management), ABNLP Certified
  • Mandatory Accreditation Programme for Directors of Public Listed Companies

Advocacy & Non-Profit Contribution

Vice-President 1
BPW International – Damansara, Malaysia
An Affiliate of the International Federation of Business & Professional Women, Geneva

Contact Details

Email: rohaizan.sallehudin@rohaizan.com
Skype: rohaizan.sallehudin
Web: www.rohaizan.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/rohaizan/
Tel: +6012 9158932

Kwek Kian Lee

Kwek Kian Lee PCC

Personal Profile

Kwek Kian Lee is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed by International Coach Federation (ICF) whose 25-year career spanned multifarious industries ranging from banking,consulting to manufacturing sector. She started her career as a civil servant and progressed to human resource management with focus on change management.The interest in helping individuals transform themselves to realize their hidden potentials is what excites her.

Her wide exposure in Change Management, People Management & Organizational Development not only made her a successful HR practitioner but also an excellent coach, trainer, mentor and motivator. In October 2011, whilst still working in a senior leadership position in an MNC, Kian Lee had the opportunity to be trained as a professional coach. This unlocked the door to building a second career in coaching where she finds great fulfilment in coaching others to see the windows of opportunity lying inherent in them.

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Career Coach

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Performance Management
  • HR Transformation : People & Culture Change
  • Design & Implementation of Assessment Centres
  • Design & Conducting Training on HR Functional Skills (Performance Management, etc.)

Education & Certification

  • MSc. Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Hawaii, US, Jan 1988
  • Bachelor of Economics (Hons.) National University of Malaysia, May 1982
  • Associate Certified Coach , International Coach Federation, US, July 2013
  • Certified DiSC Administrator, Thomas International, Nov 1998

Contact Details

E-mail : klkwek58@gmail.com
Mobile: +6012-347-6452