Our warmest congratulations to:

  • Ashley Gamble Grandisch and Katharina Schlindwein on attaining ACC credentials
  •  Vimala Suppiah on attaining PCC credentials!
Our warmest welcome to new/renewed Chapter members:
  • Shaker Mustafa, Kam Lee Kheng, Ng Kien Mun,
  • Viviana Widjaja, Susanne Patricia,
  • Lee Hwai Tah, Weng PohLin



ICF Announces Changes to ACC and PCC Requirements

Following a May 21, 2015, vote by the ICF Global Board of Directors, ICF has adopted new requirements for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials that will restrict eligible coaching experience hours to those completed after the start of coach-specific training. The ICF Global Board has approved a 12-month phase-in […]

ICF has adopted a revised Code of Ethics and updated Vision and Mission statement.

The revisions to the Code of Ethics reflect a shift away from the view of coaching ethics as right or wrong and toward an understanding of ethics as the concepts and principles directing coaches’ behavior. With this evolution in the foreground, the ICF Code Review Team recommended a set of revisions intended to transform the Code of Ethics from a document prescribing what not to do to a document highlighting how to be as an ICF Member and/or Credential-holder.

Read the updates by clicking on the links below:

Code of Ethics

Vision and Mission