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International Coach Federation Malaysia Coaching Transformation Success Stories

Carrie’s Story of Courage and Choice – Part 5

 – interviewed by David Khaw & Shanta Navaratnam –

Today is another day

This one year since her coaching sessions ended, Carrie has had health issues. Because of that she was unable to dance for a while, an activity she really enjoys. She, however, is not wallowing in self pity. She is focused outwards on her health. She realises good health is a high priority and she needs that to achieve her goals.

She continually tries to motivate herself through inspirational quotes and tells herself that “today is another day”. She uses open questions on herself like “what do you want to achieve today?”, “what do you want to handle first?”

Based on her answers e.g “I want to be happy” she asks herself further questions:” what will make you happy?”. And she takes one little step at a time, using the skills that she learned from her coach Yong.

Then and now

Getting Carrie to reflect on where she was in May 2017, before she started on her coaching journey, and where she is today, one year after completing her coaching journey, she had this observation.

In May 2017 she had a negative mindset. She feels that everyone goes through a bad spell in their life and it is our choice on how we wish to handle it. It was a tough year and she is happy she came out of her comfort zone and cleared her fears. She likens herself to a little girl who was lost, did not want to open up and stayed entrapped within herself.

A year later, that little girl has blossomed into a young lady who is more joyful, motivated and open minded and loves hanging out with her friends. She has the confidence and courage to do what she really wants. She is now more positive and she has a clear direction. She is not lost anymore. Coaching helped her feel more empowered and it encouraged her to adopt a positive mindset. But at the end, it was her actions alone that made that difference!

The future is yours to take, Carrie

This spunky young lady now looks forward to the future in anticipation. She sees herself as a powerful lady with a clear sense of direction. She knows what she wants and will go for it.

Her goal is to be a leader in an organisation handling food research and development and a protagonist for healthy lifestyle. She sees that as her Corporate Social Responsibility.

In terms of relationship, she sees her close ones with happy smiles on their faces.

On a scale of 1 – 10 where 10 is the perfect picture she had painted for herself and 1 the lower end, she rates herself a 5. That is because she is currently an intern and will need to get a stable job to move her to a 6 and therefrom to gain the necessary experience to move on to the next level.

We wish you all the best Carrie. Take one step at a time and remain positive!

We want to thank you for taking that courageous step to join both David and Shanta in this interview. We believe your warm and honest story will help others who find themselves in your similar situation. It was sheer pleasure talking to such a genuine and positive young lady.

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