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International Coach Federation Malaysia Coaching Transformation Success Stories

Carrie’s Story of Courage and Choice – Part 4

 – interviewed by David Khaw & Shanta Navaratnam –

Blood is thicker than water

Coaching had helped improve Carrie’s relationship with her family. She makes it a point now to spend more time with them. After all blood is thicker than water.

She opened up to her parents on the issues she faced and now gets them involved by seeking their views and advise. She feels closer to them. She also spends time listening to stories told by her 3 siblings of their day’s activity. She found that she could actually learn from their experiences.

Living in the present

Carrie advises that she still is learning to balance her life. It is a continuous journey but the progress is there.

Her coaching objective was to understand herself and get clarity on what she wanted. So where was she with her objectives? She used to be confused but not so much now. She realises that she now enjoys the company of her different groups of friends.

She accepts the different perspectives shared by the different groups without judging them. She focuses on living in the present moment with these group of friends and to go with the flow.

She has a better understanding of herself. She accepts herself with all her faults. She understands that she sometimes gets bad tempered. She accepts that, realises the need to calm down and choose her behaviour.

She can choose to be happy or sad. Why not choose to be happy? Coaching opened that up for her. She is clear on her direction.

Carrie describes herself as having more courage now. If she wanted something she will go for it. She is now a more confident person and she has more fun. Anyone who knows her now will view her as a very positive and optimistic person.

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