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International Coach Federation Malaysia Coaching Transformation Success Stories

Carrie’s Story of Courage and Choice – Part 1

 – interviewed by David Khaw & Shanta Navaratnam –

When Coaches, David and Shanta got in touch with Carrie to find out if she was willing to share her coaching experience with others to help those in a similar situation, she was pleasantly surprised. It had not occurred to her that she may be able inspire someone with her personal journey. Being the generous young lady, she was, whose very nature was to reach out a helping hand to others, she jumped at the idea.

Carrie, the girl next door

Carrie Lim comes from Klang and she studied Food Science nutrition at Taylor’s University on a scholarship. At the point of our interview, she was in the final leg of her qualification, doing an internship program. It was also one year since she completed her pro-bono coaching session with her coach, Foo Chuen Yong, from the International Coach Federation Malaysian Chapter.

Carrie was the regular student, chasing her passion to develop herself by participating in a lot of university activities such as being a Student Ambassador, Shine Ambassador, Orientation Leader and getting involved in other club activities such as Nature’s Club. Behind all these activities was a need to break away from her school days typecast of a “bookworm”. And hidden behind these activities was a shy, young girl who did not easily open up to people.

All these student activities opened up a world of adventure and friends – and she did make plenty of new friends – but she felt that she had lost her sense of direction. She felt lost. She had no time for herself.

She had slowly neglected her course mates – friends with whom she studied the same subjects – as she pursued friendship with people from different streams. Suddenly she did not fit in with her course mates anymore. She felt isolated during class and lunch breaks were lonely affairs.

Could coaching help Carrie?

It was during this period when Carrie was feeling emotionally low and taking stock of what she really wanted in life that she heard about coaching. The International Coach Federation, Malaysian Chapter (ICFM) worked in partnership with Taylor’s University SHINE Award Programme on various areas and was having weekend workshops at the University on coaching.

Being naturally inquisitive she registered for a program. What she heard during the two-and-a-half-hour session was enough to awaken her interest in coaching. So when ICFM offered 10 slots to Shine ambassadors to experience 6 hours of pro-bono coaching, she jumped at the opportunity.

She was at that point feeling lost, feeling emotionally unstable and did not know what direction to take in life. Coaching she thought was the life net that could save her. At the same time, she was afraid. Could coaching really help with such a complex issue?

When Carrie signed up for the pro-bono coaching her objective was to get a clear direction on life, to build her confidence level to handle herself and to gain emotional stability.

She realised that her emotional state was leading her to make illogical decisions, all based on her negative self-talk such as she was useless, not lovable as her classmates did not include her in their activities, she was not capable of handling things and so on. This led her to close up, which worsened her relationship with her classmates.

It also impacted her relationship with her family as she shut them out from the emotional trauma she was going through. She hoped that coaching will bring about that catalyst of change that she so wanted!

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