Addendum to Notice of the 8th Annual General Meeting of ICF Malaysia Chapter

Date: 8 July 2020

Dear ICF Members,

We refer to notice of 8thAnnual General Meeting dated 2 July 2020.

1. Pre-registration to attend annual general meeting (AGM)

Members are required to register by 15 July 2020 via

Venue of the 8th AGM and remote participation

The chairman and secretary will attend from the main venue (broadcasting venue) via zoom. No members will be physically present at the main venue. Members are to attend and participate at the AGM via zoom virtual platform.


Meeting platform:   Zoom virtual platform 

Day and Date:           Saturday, 18 July 2020

Registration:              9.00 am

Time:                           9.30 am to 11.30 am 

Main Venue:              B-13A-6, TTDI Plaza,

                                 Jalan Wan  Kadir 3,

 Taman Tun Dr Ismail

60000 Kuala Lumpur



Members are to login with your unique link which will be provided upon registration, for remote participation at the AGM anytime between 9.00 am and 9.30 am i.e. 30 minutes before the commencement of the AGM on 18 July 20 at 9.30 am. The meeting will be locked at 9.30 am to facilitate the smooth running of the meeting.


Members are required to turn their video and put in their full name for the entire
meeting.  Members who do not turn on the video may be removed as to ensure that there are no  phantom members.


2. Update on voting procedure

The platform used for virtual voting would be online zoom poll which will be administered in real time whilst the meeting is in progress.

Please note that only active members who has paid for ICF global and ICF Malaysia membership fees as at 15 July 2020 shall be entitled to attend and vote
at the 8th AGM. Each member is entitled to one vote. 


We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Michael Kim, PCC

Hon. Secretary, International Coach Federation
Malaysia Chapter

Date: 2 July 2020.

Dear ICF Members,

Notice of 8th Annual General Meeting


09:00 am Registration | 9:30 am-11:30 am

AGM Venue:

Virtual (Via Zoom)

Notice is hereby given that the Eight Annual General Meeting of International Coach Federation Malaysia Charter Chapter will be held virtually on Saturday, 18 July 2020 at 9.30 a.m. for the following purpose.

  1. To accept the meeting
    minutes of the Seventh Annual General Meeting of International Coach
    Federation Malaysia Charter Chapter held on 15 June 2019
  2. To receive the Management
    Committee’s report on Chapter activities conducted during the year ended
    31 March 2020
  3. To receive the Audited
    Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2020
  4. To consider and, if thought
    fit, to pass the following resolutions:

A) Proposal to adopt utilization of ICLS funds as follows (Clause 6):


·    ICF Malaysia Website-digital marketing improvement & upgrade. Budget: RM 20,000.00

·    To allocate international speakers fund of RM6,000.00 for travelling speakers

B) To approve the extension of months for membership payment (Clause 6).


·       Proposal to extend membership renewal to the month of 30th June 2020 in-line with global ICF
(current membership renewal deadline is 31 March 20).

C) To approve deferment of implementation of annual subscription (Clause 6).

Ratification Resolution:

·       Proposal to defer the implementation of annual subscription of RM60 to next year.

(Remarks:  In the previous AGM, it was proposed that Membership fee to be raised from RM12 (RM1 per month) to RM60 (RM5 per month) for the year 2020/2021. As COVID-19 has significant impact towards businesses, and the economy, the EXCO has made the decision to defer the implementation of the new subscription of RM60 for fiscal 2020/2021. For fiscal 2020/21. ICF Malaysia members will continue to pay RM12.00.)

5.   Dissolution of the Committee for 2018-2020 term
6. To elect the Committee for a 2-year term from 2020 – 2022
7. To elect the Auditors for a 2-year term from 2020 – 2022
8. Any other business

We would like to thank the enthusiastic and committed Leadership team : President Jeff Cheah, Vice President Grace Lee , Honorary Secretary Michael Kim, Honorary Treasurer Shantamala Navaratnam, Communications Director Ranjinath Muniandy, Membership Director Tang Wee Hen, Event Director Chin Khang Chuen (KC), Auditor Jean-Francois Jadin, and Auditor Chong Sook Leng. Samuel Kurian served as Immediate Past President.

We would like to thank all members of ICF Malaysia for your attendance and participation.

Michael Kim.ACC
Secretary, International Coach Federation Malaysia Chapter

List of Nominations for ICF Malaysia Exco (2020 – 2022)

Profile can be found at

  Position Nomination
1 President Grace Lee
2 President Timothy Tan
3 Vice-President Ranjinath Muniandy
4 Vice-President Tang Wee Hen
5 Vice-President Faizah Bazid
6 Secretary Siti Hajar
7 Treasurer Roslina Abd Manap
8 Membership Director
9 Communications Director Michelle Lum
10 Communications Director Viviana Widjaja
11 Events Director Patricia Liaw