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Every two years the ICF Malaysia Chapter (ICFMC) would be engaged in this very important process to determine our future leadership.

ICFMC prides itself on its loyal members and dedicated volunteers. One of the most important responsibilities we have as ICF Malaysia Members is to identify, encourage and ultimately vote to select the future volunteer leaders for our great chapter.

We are always looking for members that are willing to use their talents to help the growth and development of the chapter. Joining the Executive Committee is an exciting way to get involved and make a difference. If you are interested in becoming more actively involved in ICFMC by seeking Executive Committee positions, we invite you to access the online nomination application form

As ICFMC continues to evolve into a larger chapter, it requires governance with an expanded set of knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes to continue leading the chapter and the profession of coaching in the future.

Qualified members who wish to seek Executive Committee positions may click here  to review the detailed candidacy requirements and desired competencies and Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee.

If you have any questions, please send an email to nomination@icfmalaysia.org

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Nomination Application

Before completing the nomination application, please review:

1. Chapter Leader Ethical Guidelines

2. Executive Committee Roles & Responsibilities

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Are you currently serving, or have you previously served on the Executive Committee or on a Chapter (sub) Committee?
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Are you currently serving, or have you previously served on a volunteer activity (International Coaching Week, Biennial Conference, Connect & Celebrate, etc.)
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Have you ever served on a non-profit Board of other membership organisation before?
What motivates you to serve on the ICF Malaysia Executive Committee?
Briefly describe a specific skill set or strength and experiences you would bring to the Chapter if you are selected to serve on the Executive Committee.
Which position on the Executive Committee that you are interested to serve?
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Upon clicking 'Submit Form' , you will be redirected back to the ICF Malaysia homepage. You will also receive an email with a copy of the submitted nomination application.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for ICF Malaysia!