Webinar with ... John Mattone.


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Core Competencies 1.25
Resource Development -

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Tuesday, 20 June 20177.00 pm - 8.15 pm (GMT+8:00) Kuala LumpurICF Malaysia Members: Free
Non Members: RM45


John Mattone, is the #1 authority on Intelligent Leadership and the world’s #2 ranked executive coach. He is the creator of the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Process and Certification (accredited by the International Coaches Federation for 22.25 CCE’s and 21.75 Core Credits).

John Mattone is the creator of the unique, powerful and game-changing Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching blueprint for success (John and his company, John Mattone-Global have certified over 100 global coaches in the IL Process). Since 2010, John has used this blueprint having personally coached over 250 leaders, including 25 global CEO's to help them become stronger, more effective and vibrant leaders and people. John Mattone is the former executive coach to the late Steve Jobs and the former legendary CEO of PepsiCo, Roger Enrico, who sought John's advice after his PepsiCo days in helping him transition as a coach and mentor to young leaders. John Mattone is now one of the most in demand C-level coaches in the world.

Recently, John was honored by his executive coaching peers (The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches), with the prestigious 2015 International Executive Coach Thought Leader of Distinction Award, in recognition of his thought leadership and his work as a global executive coach. In 2014, the Award was humbly accepted by Marshall Goldsmith, the world's top-ranked executive coach. John is one of nine executive coaches in the world who have been awarded the coveted Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) certification from the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches. John is also the creator of a number of breakthrough leadership and culture assessments, including the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI), which served as the centerpiece of his 2-part coaching session with Steve Jobs.

In 2015, John Mattone’s Intelligent Leadership, along with Tony Robbins’ Creating Lasting Change and John Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership were named the three Top Advanced Leadership Development Programs that Change Lives.

Website: http://johnmattone.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnmattone

Session Title:


Session Description:

Successful executives don’t invest in executive coaching. They invest in results- John Mattone (former executive coach to Steve Jobs, the #1 Authority on INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP, and #2 ranked Executive Coach in the World).

Presented by John Mattone, one of the world's most in-demand CEO coaches, former executive coach to Steve Jobs, the #1 Authority on INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP, and #2 ranked Executive Coach in the World.

All registrants will receive complimentary access to the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI), John’s proprietary inner-core assessment used as part of John’s Intelligent Leadership(IL) Executive Coaching Process. You will also be able to access your MLEI Client Interpretive Report. As a bonus, you also receive John’s eBook, Powerful Executive Coaching.

John Mattone's On-Line Masterclass in Executive Coach Development provides an overview of the unique executive coaching blueprint created and mastered by John Mattone, one of the world’s most successful executive coaches and leadership authorities.

Session Takeaways :

  • Learn the 10 things that you need to do to start growing your business and brand in the hyper-competitive world of executive coaching.
  • Learn what it takes to help leaders and future leaders unlock and unleash their potential so they truly become the best leaders and people they can be.
  • Learn the secrets to igniting and strengthening a leader’s inner-core and outer-core, which enables them to realize 4 “game-changing” outcomes that they can leverage as leaders in their business and life: altruism, affiliation, achievement, and abundance (The 4 A’s). The 4 A's are the seeds to achieving sustained greatness and creating a lasting legacy.

Core Competencies :

The Agenda & ICF Core Competencies

  • Introductions and My Own Journey
  •  The Creation & Evolution of Intelligent Leadership (IL)/Creating Awareness
  •  The Global Leadership Gap and How Coaches Can Close the Gap/Creating Awareness
  •  The Wheel of Intelligent Leadership (IL) and How to Leverage as a Coach/Creating Awareness
  •  The Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI)/Creating Awareness
  • Understanding Your MLEI Profile/Creating Awareness
  • What is Your “Predominant” Trait?/Creating Awareness
  • What is Your “Least Mature” Trait? /Creating Awareness
  • What Does All of This Mean?/Designing Actions
  • The 4 Phases and 7 Pillars of Executive Coaching/Designing Actions
  •  Inner-Core Drives Outer-Core Drives the 4’A’s/Creating Awareness
  •  The 4 Quadrants that Ignite Leader Development/Designing Actions
  • 10 Things You Must Do Now to Grow Your Executive Coaching Brand & Business/All of the Core Competencies
  • What’s Next?

Webinar with ... Teri-e Belf.


Core Competencies 1.5
Resource Development TBA

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Tuesday, 25 July 20177.00 pm - 8.15 pm (GMT+8:00) Kuala LumpurICF Malaysia Members: Free
Non Members: RM45


Website: http://successunlimitednet.com/ http://www.belfcoach.com http://www.wrinklewisdom.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/teri-e-belf-b02ab671

Teri-E Belf, MA, CAGS, and the world’s 1st MCC, is a purposeful and inspiring coaching pioneer and leader since 1987 offering personal and professional coaching, coach training and coach mentoring on 5 continents. She is the Founder and Global Director of Success Unlimited Network® (SUN), with ICF accredited ACTP, ACSTH, and CCE Coach Training and Certification Programs rooted in life purpose and spirituality. Her books (selectively translated into 6 languages), Coaching With Spirit, Simply Live it UP, and Facilitating Life Purpose, plus 30 Amazon publications, workshops, keynotes, media appearances and YouTubes reveal her contagious enthusiastic passion for coaching and living.

Referred to as ‘the Grandmother of Coaching’, she helped launch the profession and continually contributes to its evolution.

Some highlights:

  • Created and chaired the 1st ICF Credential, Accreditation and Continuing Education Committee to launch the profession of coaching.
  •  Founding Member of Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO).
  • Board member, Personal and Professional Coaches Association (PPCA).
  •  Member ICF Ethics Committee and CoP.
  • Taught coaching as Adjunct Faculty in 7 colleges and universities
  •  Delivered 125+ presentations and several keynotes specifically about coaching.
  •  Recipient, Coaching Global Leadership Award at World Coaching Congress.
  • As an avid writer about coaching, she is a frequent contributor to The Coaching News, the Ethics Newsletter of the Coaching World andCHOICE
  • Magazine and Coaching Time.
  • I coach, train coaches and mentor coaches for over 30 years, (50,000+ hours)and I still love it!

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Session Description:

Coaching invites a return to oneness, wholeness, and our competency, Active Listening, paves the way. How do we listen? What do we listen for with our head brain, our body (including emotions), and the universal whisper? What happens when we hold objective and subjective perspectives at the same time? What is synchronized listening and how can we experience it?

Engage in thought provoking dialogue about strategies needed to clean and clear our insides in order to access the universal web. Experience 2 exercises: 1) how to delete self-talk and 2) how to transform listening from the bottom line to the top line. Observe a demonstration of a simple yet powerful technique aimed at coaching the ‘doing’ through the lens of ‘being’.

This presentation is fun, inspiring, insightful and hazardous to your status quo.

Session Takeaways :

To increase awareness of the internal dimension of listening:

  • How to delete self-talk to open the space for universal listening
  • How to partner with clients in a space of objective and subjective togetherness
  • Learn how to apply spiritual principles for enhanced listening
  • Learn how to coach the ‘doing’ through the lens of ‘being’
  • How to transform listening from the bottom-line to the top-line

Core Competencies :

Active Listening, Coaching Presence, Establishing Trust and Intimacy


Engage | Empower | Thrive
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Wednesday, 8 November 2017

This 2017 International Coaching Summit is a dynamic event designed to strengthen connections within the coaching community and offering cutting-edge learning to build a thriving coaching culture in Asia. This is an opportunity to advance towards mastery in the latest coaching techniques using neuroscience, industry best practices and research leveraging how coaching creates sustainable value for individual development, team development and corporations in the private and public sectors.

To register with an early bird discount click here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/international-coaching-summit-tickets-32081679166

Let’s build a coaching culture together!

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Sponsoring the International Coaching Summit is a great opportunity to showcase your engagement to place Human Capital at the top of the list of your priorities. To learn more about the Summit sponsorship packages, to be a part of "Advancing the Practice of Coaching" or be an Exhibitor, please click here: http://icfmalaysia.org/international-coaching-summit_sponsor

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We are looking for presenters who can help create a one-of-a-kind attendee experience. If you feel your subject-matter expertise and facilitation skills offer a high level of attendee engagement and would be a great fit for this event, we invite you to learn more and apply. The deadline for application to contribute as a speaker for the conference is extended to May 25th 2017. Please apply here: http://icfmalaysia.org/international-coaching-summit_speakers